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Encouraging young geoscientists


Full day mapping complete! (Credit: GeoBus 2018)

GeoBus has three core aims: to support existing geoscience teaching with specialist resources and knowledge; to inspire students using teaching packages that cover recent research and the latest breakthroughs; and to provide a link between schools, academia and industry to encourage young people into geoscience and related careers.

Since 2015, geoscience subjects were removed from the Higher Level (16-18 years) teaching curriculum in Scotland.  GeoBus helps to fill this gap.  The demand from the schools remains at excellent levels—there is still interest, even if geoscience no longer forms part of the core curriculum.

As well as providing single and double period workshops at schools, GeoBus runs field trips and a field camp each year.  Field camp activities include visiting important geological sites, as well as teaching rock identification, microscopy, mapping and field recording skills.  These are vitally important skills for a geologist that, when provided at a young age, can enthuse and encourage students to follow their interest into the profession.  

Quotes from some of the students and teachers who have taken part in GeoBus activities include:

 “Great day for pupils. Presenters were excellent, good pace and variety. Will definitely book again.”  Teacher, Glasgow Gaelic School: Drilling for Oil

 “I love GeoBus, thanks for taking us.”  S4 pupil, Irvine Royal: Field Trip

GeoBus is entirely funded by sponsorship, donations and fundraising activities.  Significant contributions are required to allow GeoBus to continue to operate.  Existing sponsorship agreements are coming to an end, which threatens the future of this invaluable organisation.  If you are interested in helping, via sponsorship, donations or fundraising activities, please get in touch.

For more information see: or contact Dr Jen Brooke (Education Coordinator):