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kljFUGRO in Hong Kong Delivers a Unique CGeol Training Scheme, writes Adler deWind

Picture: Ten young candidates with mentors Bob Sas, Sarah Cooper (Training Officer), Stuart Pugsley, Simon Pyle, Andre Mazur & Kevin Styles (Chairman, Training Committee) pictured at the Golden Dragon near the Fugro Wanchai Office. 

The Fugro Group in Hong Kong has developed a unique Training Scheme bringing together the skills and experience of FUGRO’s consultancy, specialist marine & onshore ground investigations and material testing services.  More than 10 young multi-national Hong Kong-based Geologists will enter the scheme and receive mentored training at FUGRO (HK) Ltd, FUGRO Geotechnical Services Ltd (FGS) and Material Lab (MATLab).  Fugro are one of the leading private employers of geologists in Hong Kong with currently some 30 geoscience staff.

Speaking from Hong Kong, Kevin Styles, (Chairman, Training Committee) said, “We are very excited that The Geological Society has accredited our scheme and are most grateful for the support of the Chartership Division during the process.”