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Fossil help needed

Maybe you can help sort out some fishy fossils for a local museum?

lhkJohn Heathcote writes: Caithness Horizons, my local museum, has a collection of geological specimens.  They range from what appear to be some very miscellaneous lumps of rock, to some fine fossil fish (presumably Devonian) and plants (Mesozoic?).  The collection includes specimens from Robert Dick and may include some important material.  The curator of the museum has been in touch with a number of us geologists working at Dounreay for help in sorting the wheat from the chaff.

While we are happy that we can make substantial progress with basic sorting of the collection into categories, such as worthy of display, useful material for schools teaching etc., none of us has more than very basic palaeontological expertise.

We would welcome contact from anyone who could assist, on a voluntary basis, with the fossils.  Contact E: [email protected]