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Accredited Degree course list grows


Bill Gaskarth reports on some new addition to the Society’s Accreditation scheme for university courses in Earth sciences.

Geoscientist 21.10 November 2011

The following MSc degrees from Portsmouth University School of Earth and Environmental Sciences have recently been Accredited: Engineering Geology, and Geological and Environmental Hazards. Graduates from these degrees in 2012 will be eligible to apply for Chartership a year earlier than applicants from non-accredited degrees. Previously the Society has Accredited MSc courses at: Manchester University School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences. Petroleum Geoscience; Newcastle University School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences Engineering Geology; Petroleum Geochemistry, Environmental Biogeochemistry, and Environmental Biogeochemistry with Consultancy Skills.

St Andrews

The Panel welcomed news that St Andrews University has invested in Earth Sciences and has re-established a distinct Department of Earth Sciences, by decoupling the previously merged departments of Earth Sciences and Geography. Four new staff have been appointed. The recently accredited BSc in Geosciences has now been renamed Geology and has been re-submitted to ensure its continuing accreditation. It has been restructured to reflect the new status of the department and to give more emphasis on geology.