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Policy update - Diversity in Geosciences

George Jameson* reports on the latest developments

Diversity BannerThe International Association for Geoscience Diversity (IAGD) was founded in 2008, initially as an advisory group with a mandate to encourage accessible geoscience education, improving access, accommodation and inclusion for students, faculty and geoscientists with disabilities.

In January 2013, with the expansion of the group into the global geoscience community, IAGD was officially constituted. It is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and is composed of higher education faculty, staff and students, geoscience industry representatives, disability education researchers and anyone interested in fostering an inclusive, accessible scientific community.


Since its inception, the IAGD’s reach has evolved from a predominantly North American focused organisation to one being represented in over 25 countries worldwide.

This year marks another milestone with the IAGD establishing its first chapter outside of North America.

Alison Stokes (Plymouth University) and Jacqui Houghton (University of Leeds) have led on setting up a dedicated UK Chapter, to be known as Diversity in Geoscience UK (DiG-UK). DiG-UK will expand the mission and vision of the IAGD to reflect the values of the IAGD, while focusing specifically on the needs, values and resources of the UK, and seeking in due course to broaden its responsibility beyond disability to cover wider aspects of diversity.


DiG-UK are hosting an inaugural meeting / launch event at the Geological Society of London on Monday, 4th June 2018. The launch event will focus on networking and building a community through a series of interactive workshops, discussions and presentations.  Participation is welcomed and encouraged from across the entire breadth of the geoscience community and beyond!

*George Jameson is Communications Officer with the Society.