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Presentations and prizes

Paul Maliphant (Vice President) presents the trophy to the winning team from Whitchurch High.

March was a month of competitions for schools at GSL. Education Offier Joanna Mears reports on events in London and South Wales.

Geoscientist 21.04 May 2011

On 22 March, the Southern Wales Regional Group (SWRG) held their annual Schools Geology Competition at Cowbridge Comprehensive School. Five schools entered the competition, this year’s theme being ‘Your Geological Hero’. Each school submitted a poster reflecting the achievements of their chosen hero, followed by presentations defending their choice. However after excellent presentations from all teams, the quick-fire quiz decided the overall winner.

Thus, for the second year in a row, Society Vice-President Paul Maliphant (Halcrow, who devised the competition) presented the trophy to Whitchurch High School. Each team member received a year’s free Junior Candidate Fellowship. Will other Regional Groups take up the gauntlet thrown down by SWRG (Geoscientist 21.01 February p24) and run their own Schools Geology Competition? With more such events around the country, the aim would then be to hold a national final in Burlington House.

During the week of 21-25 March, the GSL played its part in the UK’s first Climate Change Week, highlighting GSL’s contribution to the Climate Change debate. Schools belonging to the Schools Affiliates Scheme were asked to design a poster that best interpreted the GSL’s Climate Change poster and we were overwhelmed with the quality of entries.

In the 11 -14 category the committee awarded joint first place to Rebekah Bacon/Asia Pruchiewska, and Yuvraj Singh/ Raj Dhunna – both from The Highfield School. These two posters attractively and clearly illustrated the Geological Society’s Climate Change statement, so congratulations to them all and their teacher, Miss Lindsay Snow. The winner in the 15 – 18 age group was Sam Bailey (King Edward VI Grammar School). Sam’s eye-catching and interesting poster successfully captured the essence of the Climate Change Statement. Congratulations to Sam and his teacher, Dr Stuart Hitch.

The winning posters, along with the shortlist, can be viewed on our website.
  • For further information on the Schools Geology Competition or Climate Change Week, E: [email protected].