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Society Awards 2019
The Society is delighted to announce the names of the winners of its medals and funds and offers all its heartiest congratulations. The President’s Award winners will be announced at a later date.

The awards will be presented at President’s Day on 6 June 2019.

Prof Edward Stolper (Caltech)--Wollaston Medal
Prof Nicholas Kusznir (University of Liverpool)--Lyell Medal
Prof Marian Holness (University of Cambridge)--Murchison Medal
Prof Frances Wall (University of Exeter)--William Smith Medal
Dr Anthony Barber (Emeritu, University of London)--Prestwich Medal
Dr Nigel Woodcock (University of Cambridge)--Dewey Medal
Prof Richard Law (Virginia Tech)--Coke Medal
Dr Bramley Murton (National Oceanography Centre)--Coke Medal
Mr Colin Day (National Oceanography Centre)--Distinguished Service Award
Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre--R H Worth Award
Prof Emily Rayfield (University of Bristol)--Bigsby Medal
Dr Andrea Cozzi (Eni Upstream & Technical Services)--Aberconway Medal
Dr Andrew Parsons (University of Oxford)--Wollaston Fund
Dr Sam Giles (University of Birmingham)--Lyell Fund
Dr Jonathan Pownall (Australian National University)--Murchison Fund
Dr Brendan McCormick Kilbride (University of Cambridge)--William Smith Fund

Fellowship Renewals
Every year at this time, we remind Fellows to renew their Fellowship for the current year, or face being struck off—with the subsequent inconvenience of having to re-apply. For the Society, late payment results each year in additional costs and administration. In this economic climate, we must ensure that optimum use is made of Society resources and we rely on the support of Fellows to achieve this. 

Time is running out for you to renew your Fellowship. To ensure that you continue to support and belong to your professional body, please renew today, preferably online - login at the top of any page; or you can call Burlington House and ask for the Fellowship Department.

Richard Hughes, Executive Secretary

Council meetings and OGMs
The dates for meetings of Council and Ordinary General Meetings until June 2020 are as follows:

2019: 17 April, 19 June, 17 September, 20 November. 2020: 5 February, 8 April, 17 June

Notification of Officers 2019/2020
At the Annual General Meeting on 6 June 2019, Fellows will be asked to elect the following members of Council as Officers for 2019/2020:
Prof Nick Rogers

Mr John Booth
Mr Nicholas Reynolds
Miss Jessica Smith
Mr John Talbot

Prof Katherine Royse
Prof Rob Strachan
Dr Alex Whittaker
Secretary, Foreign & External Affairs
Dr Sarah Gordon

Mr Graham Goffey 


Find the full information here. Voting closes on Sunday 31 March 2019.


Honorary Fellowship

Following a proposal from the External Relations Committee, Council recommends the following candidate for election to Honorary Fellowship at a future Ordinary General Meeting.

Eric Onyango OdadaProfessor Eric Onyango Odada
Professor Odada has a national and international reputation in the field of geoscience and sustainable development. As an Honorary Fellow of the Geological Society, we are confident that Professor Odada would continue this engagement, and be eager to share his perspectives and experience in using geoscience to inform international policy and support society. His advocacy for the role of geoscience in sustainable development, pursuit of excellent environmental change research, and investment in building the capacity of others, strongly align with the values of the Geological Society.

Professor Odada holds a PhD in Applied Geochemistry from Imperial College. He is a Professor of Geology at the University of Nairobi and Regional Director of Global Change Research Programme in Africa. Previously, he served in Kenya as Chief Research Officer, Marine and Freshwater Research Institute and Principal Geologist with the Mines and Geology Department, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. He is an ex-member of the United Nations Secretary General Advisory Board on water and sanitation and currently a member of the committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of science of the International Council of Science. 

He is a Fellow of the Kenya National Academy of Sciences; World Academy of Art and Science and Geological Society of Kenya. His fundamental endeavour as an Earth scientist has been to study Global Environmental Change as a basic understanding how the earth system works. He is currently undertaking a strategic assessment of water resources vulnerability to environmental change, and working with UNEP-GEF on a study of atmospheric deposition of micronutrients in Rivers and Lakes in equatorial Africa.

Chartership news

An update on chartership from Bill Gaskarth

Chartered Fellows elected February 2019

CGeol: Kim Michelle Altinkaynak, Christopher Peter Bailey, Bertrand Raymond Burnet, Anil Kumar Chatterj, Oliver Chrisp, Philip William Clare, Samuel John Deeley, Gianluca Dell’Elce, Laura Elsworth, Mario Fornaciari, Maxwell Joseph Foweraker, Malcolm Thomas Graham, Jonathan Allan Hunt, Darren Jones, Marianne Hemmet McGaughy, David Andrew Pollitt.

CSci: Danilo Ricardo Bettosi, Daniela Lagomarsino.

Application and guidance documents for Chartership
All documents have been updated and now on the web pages.

Annual Training Record Form
The annual reporting form for early career geoscientists working towards Chartership can be found  in the Chartership section. The form is designed to be used by trainees and their mentors on Accredited Company Training Schemes, to record what was planned and achieved each year leading up to readiness for an application for Chartership. 

The form is recommended to all early career geoscientists to record their development aims and achievements. It may then be submitted alongside a Chartership application as evidence of planning and achievement.

Mentoring Workshop

This is the final call for people to register for the workshop planned for 26 March at Burlington House. If fewer than 12 have registered by 11 March, the Workshop will be cancelled. Please contact the Chartership Officer ( to register your interest and for further information.

The workshop is aimed at Fellows who have mentoring responsibilities with early career geoscientists in their company and who wish to further understand the mentoring process. It lasts a whole day and covers: What is a Mentor? What makes a good Geoscientist? Basic mentoring skills. The mentoring process—how to structure sessions and avoid pitfalls. Mentoring demonstration and practice. Over 50% of the time will be taken up with interactive exercises.

Mentoring benefits the mentee, by giving them the satisfaction of knowing that their professional development is being guided and is important to their employer, and the mentor in commonly enhancing their job satisfaction. Dysfunctional mentoring is common and about one third of all schemes fail due to misunderstanding of the process. Mentor training reduces this and ensures satisfaction on both sides

Society Discussion Group

Programme: 2019

Meetings of the Geological Society Discussion Group are 18.30 for 19.00, when dinner is served. Attendance is open to all members of the Society. For up to date information concerning topics for discussion and speakers, please go to the Geological-Society-Discussion-Group page. 

•    18 September - The King's Head
•    23 October - Bumpkins Restaurant
•    04 December - The Athenaeum

Please contact Sarah Woodcock for more information and to make a reservation. E: