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Society research funds awarded

Dr Leyla Seyfullah (Univ. Gottingen) received financial help from the Garwood Fund for her work on silicified plants in Chemnitz.

The Society’s research funds paid out £19,000 in 2011, reports Dawne Riddle.

Geoscientist Online 60 April 2011

Following recommendations from the Research Grants Committee, Council agreed at its April meeting to make 15 research awards in 2011 – one fewer than last year – from 36 applications (down two on last year).

The total payout in 2011 however was £19,000, an increase of £2500 on 2010. The Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust agreed to fund Michael Pittman with a grant of £1980, while Novas Consulting agreed to provide three grants totalling £800.

The awards made were as follows.

Alex BRASIER (Glasgow): Devonian-Carboniferous calcretes of South Ayrshire: a record of terrestrial plant colonization and the impact of plants on silicate weathering (Edmund Johnson Garwood fund, £1063); Sarah BROWN (RHUL): The role of fire in dinosaur-dominated terrestrial ecosystems (Joseph Burr Tyrrell Fund, £1540); Robert DULLER (Imperial): Quantifying the sedimentary response to abrupt climate change (Elspeth Matthews Fund £1370); Alice DUVIVIER (Durham): Global warming vs magmatism: the diversity of osmium isotopes to determine global ocean anoxia (OAE2) (Timothy Jefferson Fund £2000); Emma GATTI (Cambridge): Palaeoenvironmental impacts of distal tephra from the Toba super-eruption in South and Southeast Asia: a sedimentological and volcanological investigation (William George Fearnsides £1172); Jason HARVEY (Leeds): The antigorite-serpentinite to chlorite-harzburgite dehydration reaction: Investigating the cause of boron isotope fractionation during subduction (William George Fearnsides Fund, £1590); Nicholas HOLGATE (Imperial): A comparative study of controls on shoreline trajectories in rift-margin and rift-interior shallow marine systems (Daniel Pidgeon Fund £1000); Rhodri JERRETT (Plymouth): A regional-scale record of terrestrial hydrology across the Cretaceous-Palaeogene (“K-T”) mass extinction event (Joseph Burr Tyrrell Fund £1849); Marthe KLOECKING & Logan MILLS (Cambridge): Mapping sediments and metamorphic structures of accreted terranes in the Yukon, Canada (Novas Consulting, £250 x 2 = £500); Michael PITTMAN (UCL): Exploring a unique Upper Jurassic ecosystem in Southwestern Mongolia: finding new dinosaurs in the Shar Teg and Dariv fossil beds and accurately determining their geologic age (Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust £1980): Elodie SAILLET (Strathclyde):The spatial organisation of deformation in high porosity sandstones: structural barriers to CO2 storage (Gloyne Fund, £1500): Ben SNOOK (Exeter): Towards exploration tools for high purity quartz and rare metals in the South Norwegian Bamble-Evje pegmatite belt (Annie Greenly Fund £1000): Natalie STAFFURTH (Imperial): The evolution of the Spanish Pyrenees (Novas Consulting £300); Richard WALKER (Oxford): A reconnaissance study of active Faulting and Mountain Building in Kazakhstan (Mike Coward Fund £1000): Qi ZHAO (Bristol): Diversity and bone histology research in horned dinosaurs (Edmund Johnson Garwood Fund, £940)