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Society publishes anti-creationist statement

The Geological Society of London has published a statement on “young-Earth creationism”, “creation science” and its near relation “intelligent design”. 

Geoscientist Online 11 April 2008

The statement, which was approved for publication by Council on 10 April 2007, sets forth the principal scientific facts concerning the age of the Earth and the evolution of life as “long established beyond doubt”.

The statement follows the lead of the UK’s Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences, and was prepared by the Society’s External Relations Committee.

Chair of the Committee, Prof. Edward Derbyshire (Royal Holloway) said: “ERC felt that a statement of this kind, from the Society's position as the senior national Earth science society in the world, was needful and timely – even overdue. ERC also acknowledges in its statement that the Society should not dignify the views of young-Earth creationists by stooping to argument; though those who wish to read argument on the subject are provided with a range of relevant and top quality references - many online.”

Dr Ted Nield, Secretary to the ERC, said: “Freedom is famously indivisible, and if we are to have freedom of thought and expression, scientists must acknowledge that people are free to believe anything they choose, no matter how much it may annoy them. However, the issue here is what constitutes legitimate science and what doesn't; and it is our job to put that very clearly and baldly indeed, for the benefit of those who may find themselves in doubt as a result of young-Earth creationists’ bogus claims to scientific legitimacy”.

The statement has been placed on the Society’s website.