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CGeol in the Oil and Gas sector

UILYChartership is catching on in the hydrocarbon sector, writes Bill Gaskarth.

The take-up of the Chartered Geologist title from this sector was pioneered by RPS Energy and nine of their senior geoscientists are now CGeols.  BG Group has followed closely; to date they have 15 CGeols on the staff, with two more being interviewed in January. I hope that other companies in this sector will follow this lead. The article by Mike Daly (December/January Geoscientist 25.11, p06) makes a strong case for others to follow.

Overall interest in CGeol in this sector is growing - and in the last year we have had 26 successful applications. In addition, RPS Energy has had its Training Scheme accredited - as has ERC Equipoise.

Training courses run by Nautilus are now accredited for use in professional development on the way to Chartership, as well as for adding and refreshing skills in later career (CPD).  Similarly, Stag Geological has applied for the accreditation of four of their training courses, and hopefully, by the time you read this they will have been accepted.

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