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Hong Kong Visit

hjgHong Kong Regional Group celebrated its 12th Anniversary Dinner in the presence of the President. Stuart Mills (Chair) reports.

Fellows of the Geological Society of London (GSL) and guests celebrated the 12th anniversary of the Hong Kong Regional Group (HKRG) on Friday 22 November 2013. The occasion was marked by a dinner at the Hong Kong Football Club, where we were joined by David Shilston, GSL President, along with the Society’s Chartership Officer, Dr Bill Gaskarth. David gave us an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation on the geology and engineering of the LUSI mud volcano disaster in Java.

Picture: David Shilston and Bill Gaskarth meet Professor Teng Fong Wong and Dr Jason Jian Zhang during their ecent visit to Hong Kong. The university is offering a degree in Earth Systems Science which is currently in its second year.

The HKRG can look back on the last 12 years with pride, having arranged numerous meetings, fieldtrips and conferences; maintaining professional standards; promoting the role of geoscientists; liaising with related professional bodies; and facilitating mentoring and scrutineering for chartered geologist candidates in Hong Kong.

We hope that the coming years will be even more successful, as we build on the legacy we have been bequeathed, maintaining our busy programme of events and undertaking new initiatives to improve mentoring; promote geology in schools; and further raise professional standards. To help us with this, the HKRG is always pleased to hear from geoscientists interested in sharing their experiences and ideas with our group.

All members of the committee contributed to the anniversary dinner’s success, but special thanks go to James Collins, Kitty Chan and Philippa Halton for their tireless efforts. Thanks also go to David and Bill for taking the time out from their busy schedules to visit us in Hong Kong.