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Glossop Lecture & Award 2012

Glossop 2012The Glossop Lecture this year was given by Dr Ruth Allington (GWP) who spoke on ‘Engineering geology and geomorphology in the design, operation and rehabilitation of quarries’ at the Royal Geographical Society, on Wednesday 21 November.  The lecture was preceded by the winning Glossop Award presentation, by Thomas Clifford (Aggregate Industries Ltd.) on ‘Assessment and Design Mitigation for Rockfall in Quarries’

(Image: Ruth Allington (right), Thomas Clifford (left) and Emma Slack.)

Dave Giles (Portsmouth University, right) received a Dartington crystal tankard engraved with the EGGS logo, and a hammer bearing the inscription “To a man with a hammer, every rock is a shale (with apologies to Mark Twain)”. 

Glossop 2012 bThe award was made in recognition of Dave’s work organising EGGS field trips for the last 15 years.  The vote of thanks to the Glossop Lecturer was proposed by Professor Jim Griffiths (University of Plymouth, ex-Chair of EGGS) who is also next year’s Glossop Medallist and lecturer. 

The ceremonies were introduced by Helen Scholes, Chair of EGGS (right), and the Glossop Medal (Ruth Allington) and Award (Thomas Clifford) presented by Emma Slack, daughter of the late Rudolph Glossop (picture above).  Dawne Riddle