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Earth Learning Idea update


Chris King and the Earthlearningidea team* wish to enlist your help...

Geoscientist 19.2 February 2009

There have been many Earthlearningidea developments since our last update (Geoscientist 18.6 June 2008). By early November, we had received over 8500 site visits from 115 countries, and we decided to continue the project into 2009.

However, for next year, we are asking you to contribute; details of what to do can be found on the home page at Throughout 2009 we shall be publishing one new activity per month. Also on the home page, you will find an invitation to evaluate the ideas. The results of these evaluations should help future educators use their time and resources more effectively to support global learning.

Posts on the blog will continue throughout 2009, so please send us your comments and ideas. We are hoping to extend our ‘extension ideas’ based on your suggestions on the various activities.

We have added three new links to our website: a list of associated, useful sites and an acknowledgements page. In the latter, we mention particularly our friends and colleagues who are translating Earthlearningideas into Spanish, Norwegian and Italian. Is there anyone else who could do some translations for us? Also, please look at the third new link showing ELI around the world, the countries and cities where ELI is being most used. Can you help Earthlearningidea to reach the countries still shown in white on the world map?

* Chris King, Professor of Earth Science Education, Keele University; Peter Kennett, Earth Science Education Unit, Keele University; Elizabeth Devon, Earth Science Education Unit, Keele University.