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Specialist Group news

GSL logoAt its October 2016 meeting, The Science Committee reviewed the Society’s Specialist Groups and is proposing – unless there are objections from Fellows - to disband two groups that are ‘seemingly dormant’ – namely, the Coal Geology Group and the Borehole Research Group.

If you wish for these Specialist Groups to remain, and are keen to become involved in re-invigorating them, please contact Georgina Worrall (E: [email protected]) before Friday 6 January.  If no objections are received, then a formal proposal for disbandment will be taken to the Society’s February 2017 Council meeting for approval.

Geological Society Discussion Group

Danny Clark-Lowes writes: The Geological Society Club, a dining club that dates back 192 years, has been transformed into a new Specialist Group of the Society – the Geological Society Discussion Group. This group will host many Discussion Dinners during the year, at a number of different venues, including Burlington House.

All Fellows of the Society are welcome to attend the meetings, at which a speaker will open a topic of current geological interest, allowing for discussion over the meal. When appropriate, dinners will be timed to coincide with meetings at the Society. Dr Sarah Gordon, a Council member, delivered the first such address in November, on the subject of risk.  The first two meetings of the 2017 programme are provisionally scheduled for 8 February and 7 March (Lyell Meeting). Please see the Society website for more details.  Meetings will also continue to be advertised in the print edition of Geoscientist.