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From the Publishing House

aksdjAnne Davenport and Jenny Davey bring you the latest news from the Society’s Publishing House.

Recently published

  • From Petroleum Geoscience: Thematic set on Geomodel uncertainty
  • From The Journal of the Geological Society: The Emu Bay Shale Konservat-Lagerstätte: a view of Cambrian life from East Gondwana, by John R. Paterson, Diego C. García-Bellido, James B. Jago, James G. Gehling, Michael S.Y. Lee, and Gregory D. Edgecombe
  • From the Scottish Journal of Geology: How hot are the Cairngorms? By Jon Busby,  Martin Gillespie,  and Sev Kender
  • From Geochemistry, Exploration, Environment, Analysis: El Niño–La Niña cycles and biogeochemical sampling: variability of element concentrations within E. camaldulensis leaves in semi-arid Australia, by C. Mitchell, S. M. Hill, D. Giles and K. Hulme
  • From the Journal of Micropalaeontology: Morphological Change During The Ontogeny Of The Planktic Foraminifera, by Aude G. M. Caromel, Daniela N. Schmidt, Ian Fletcher, and Emily J. Rayfield

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GSL are attending the European Geosciences Union (EGU) conference between 17-22 April 2016, if you’re attending, do visit us at booth 61.

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