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Presidents Day 2013

Last month the Society announced the winners of its medals and funds 2013. Those Awards will be presented at President’s Day, on 5 June (full details in next month’s issue).

As well as the Presidential Address, we will hear research talks by the four senior medallists. Kurt Lambeck (Wollaston Medal, Australian National University) will be speaking on Ice and Land, sea and strand: of Ice sheets, sea levels and the physics of the Earth; Paula Reimer (Lyell Medal, Queens University Belfast) on Calibrating the radiocarbon timescale; Peter Kokelaar (Murchison Medal, University of Liverpool) on Self-organisation and run-out behaviour of geophysical mass flows; and Martin Jackson (William Smith Medal, University of Texas) on Origin and Evolution of Allochthonous Salt Sheets.

All Fellows are welcome to attend the events of President’s Day though Lunch with the Award Winners will incur a charge. Full details of charges and instructions as to how to register will be published in the May Issue, whose mailing will contain the Society’s Annual Review 2012.