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Society Research Grants Announced

Dr Howard Falcon-Lang, Bristol University

The Society has made the following research grants in 2009. The research Grants Committee, which met on February 19, was very pleased with the increase in applications, and in the high standard that was maintained. The successful applicants were as follows. Some are the subject of applications to various bodies for joint funding.

Geoscientist 19.4 April 2009

  • BATCHELOR, Richard (St Andrews): To test preliminary findings that volcanic ash horizons are present within the Precambrian rocks on Colonsay and Islay in the Inner Hebrides. Fearnsides £1308
  • BONNARD, Pierre (Open University): Understanding Changing Oceanic Redox and Atmospheric Oxygen. Fearnsides £1500
  • CLIFTON, Abigail (Leeds): Palaeogene Climates and Floras of Svalbard. Gloyne £1180
  • ELLIS, Ben (Leicester): Super-eruptions of an unusual style: the unknown history of the Yellowstone hotspot (Fearnsides) £920
  • FALCON-LANG, Howard (Royal Holloway) Tracking Early Reptiles – 7 days’ fieldwork in New Brunswick to conduct study on fossil trackways discovered in August 2008, their stratigraphic distribution and evolutionary implications. £1098
  • GERNON, Thomas (Trinity College Dublin) Emplacement dynamics of alkali basaltic diatremes at East Fife, Scotland. Timothy Jefferson £1000
  • KEMP, David (Cambridge) Timing is everything: improving the Late Triassic timescale Gloyne £1181
  • O’DRISCOLL, Brian (Keele): Fieldwork investigating PGE-enriched Cr-spinel seams on the Isle of Unst, Shetlands. Daniel Pidgeon £675
  • PITTMAN, Michael (UCL) The Evolution of Jurassic Dinosaurs in Southwestern Mongolia £1291
  • RILEY, David (Leicester) Sedimentological investigation into the host deposit of the Herefordshire Lagerstätte. Timothy Jefferson £513
  • STEVENS, Thomas (Royal Holloway) Research to test the timing of sediment transport down Monterey submarine canyon (Ca, USA) and elucidate trigger events for the various scales of mass movement responsible for their sometimes catastrophic release. Elspeth Matthews £1016
  • TAYLOR, Rochelle (Manchester): A 3D Interpretation of the Structure and Seismic Properties of the Carboneras Fault Zone, SE Spain. Elspeth Matthews £1200

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