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KINDRA Workshop

26 June 2017
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1. Geological Society Events, KINDRA
The Geological Society (Burlington House)
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The Geological Society is hosting a workshop on the KINDRA (Knowledge Inventory for Hydrogeology Research) project. KINDRA is a Horizon 2020 funded project to conduct an EU-wide assessment of existing groundwater-related practical and scientific knowledge based on a new classification system.

The workshop will feature presentations to introduce the KINDRA project and discussions on current UK hydrogeological research themes as well as identifying current challenges and gaps in our understanding.

The workshop will feature the following talks: 

  • 10:30 Welcome and introduction - Nic Bilham, Director of Policy and Communications at the Geological Society
  • 10:35 Introduction to the Kindra project - Andy McKenzie, Groundwater Information Manager, British Geological Survey
  • 11:00 A taste of BGS groundwater research - UK, Europe and further afield - Prof Rob Ward, Director of Groundwater Science, British Geological Survey
  • 11:20 An overview of groundwater science at the Environment Agency, Ian Davey, Environment Agency
  • 11:40 An overview of groundwater science at ESI Consulting - TBC
  • 12:00 Discussion
  • 12:30 Lunch in the Lower Library

There will also be time for discussion on current groundwater science challenges in the UK with the aim of identifying topics and areas of the UK that require further work and research.


10.30am - 12.30pm, followed by lunch.


Free of charge.


Email Flo Bullough: if you are interested in attending.


The workshop will take place in the Council Room, Burlington House, London

Geolsoc Contact

Florence Bullough

The Geological Society
Burlington House
Piccadilly, London
United Kingdom