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Geologic Evolution of Saudi Arabia, The: A Voyage Through Space and Time

Product Code: GESA
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: By David Grainger
Publication Date: 01 January 2007
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Published by Saudi Geological Survey / Global Mapping

A two volume boxed set:

  • The first part outlines the geologic evolution of Saudi Arabia and explores the connections between geology and landscape (hardback book, 264 pages).
  • The second is a boxed set of 9 paperback booklets covering a number of geologic excursions and GeoNotes - see Contents (below) for details.

Geologic Evolution of Saudi Arabia display 

Book designed and maps produced by Global Mapping. 

No member discounts apply.  Title distributed from May 2013.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-905755-07-3
Publisher: Distributed by GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 264
Weight: 4.2 kg


Book contents:




Chapter 1 - A Drive Through Time

Chapter 2 - Explanations and Concepts

Chapter 3 - Setting the Scene

Chapter 4 - A History of Geologic Investigations

Chapter 5 - The Geologic Framework of Arabia

Chapter 6 - In the Beginning-the Arabian Shield

Chapter 7 - Sea, Sand and Snow-the Arabian Platform

Chapter 8 - Fossils-the Archives of Life and Death

Chapter 9 - Splitting Apart-the Red Sea Rift Basin

Chapter 10 - Liquid Fire-the Lava Fields of Arabia

Chapter 11 - Yesterday and Today-the Quaternary

Chapter 12 - The Kingdom's Mineral Wealth

Chapter 13 - Journey's End and New Challenges


Sources of information



Geologic Excursion 1: Jiddah (and Makkah) to Al Hada (24 pages)

Geologic Excursion 2: Wadi Fatima (24 pages)

Geologic Excursion 3: Al Jumum to Madrakah (24 pages)

Geologic Excursion 4: Jiddah (and Makkah) to Al Madinah (23 pages)

Geologic Excursion 5: At Ta’if to Riyadh (24 pages)

Geologic Excursion 6: Al Wahbah Crater (24 pages)

GeoNotes 1-5: Al Harra’ Lava Flow and Tertiary Fossils at Al Harra’ and Harrat Nuqrah; Wadi al Lith Hot Springs; Jizan Salt Dome and Hot Springs; Shu’aybah Area – Raised Reef and Shield Volcano; Abha Area – Jabal as Sudah and Al Habalah (the Hanging Village) (40 pages)

GeoNotes 6-11: Dhee Ayn – The Marble Village; Granites near Jiddah; Mada’in Salih; Vertebrate Fossils at Jabal Umm Hmar and Mastodon Cave; Tuwayq Escarpment – the Backbone of Arabia; Rub’ al Khali and Al Jafurah Deserts (48 pages)

GeoNotes 12-16: Dammam Dome; Al Hasa Oasis and Shedgum Escarpment; Sand Dunes and Sabkhahs of Half Moon Bay; The White Volcanoes; Sharks’ Teeth at Khurais (48 pages) 


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