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Digital Geoscience 2024: Intelligent Solutions in Geoscience

28 - 29 October 2024
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Conference, Hybrid
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Geological Society Events, Digital geoscience
Hybrid In person at Burlington House and Virtual via Zoom
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Event Details 

Join us at the Geological Society's ground-breaking conference on Intelligent Solutions in Geoscience. This two-day conference is an opportunity for geoscientists, researchers, industry professionals, and technology enthusiasts to come together and delve into the exciting realm of Digital Geoscience. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and data-driven, integrating digital tools and technologies are revolutionising how we study and understand our planet. Through engaging presentations and lively discussions, this conference will showcase cutting-edge research, real-world applications, and success stories from experts at the forefront of Digital Geoscience. Participants will gain insights into the latest trends, tools, and methodologies shaping the discipline and have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. 

The Geological Society Digital Geoscience Conference 2024 aims to continue the momentum from the successful 2023 conference. Geoscientists, engineers, researchers and early career professionals are invited to submit abstracts that explore the intersection of geoscience and cutting-edge technology. Following feedback from the 2023 conference, we would welcome abstracts related to artificial intelligence (AI) in Digital Geoscience as an overarching conference theme and the following additional areas:

  1. Data Collection: Explore innovative methods for gathering geological data, from remote sensing to IoT sensors.  
  2. Data Visualisation: Unleash the power of visualisation tools to communicate complex geological insights effectively. From 3D models to interactive maps, share your techniques for making geoscience accessible and engaging. 
  3. Risk Management: Geological hazards pose significant challenges. Share strategies to mitigate risks, whether predicting landslides, assessing seismic activity, or safeguarding critical infrastructure. 
  4. High-Performance Computing & Numerical Modelling: Dive into the world of computational geoscience. Explore data-driven simulations, machine learning algorithms, and numerical models. How can we optimise resource exploration and geoscience monitoring? 
Why Participate? 
  • Network: Connect with experts, researchers, and industry leaders passionate about digital geoscience.
  • Showcase your work: Present your findings through oral presentations or posters. Inspire others with your innovative solutions. 
  • Shape the Future: Contribute to the evolution of digital geoscience by sharing your thoughts and breakthroughs.


The Digital Geoscience team is co-led by Richard O'Brien, Craig Parry, Petra Lincoln, Vicky Corcoron, Shona Brown, and Steph Boffey Rawlings from AtkinsRéalis. They have each been working with the Geological Society to help stimulate discussion and increase exposure of digital tools within the geosciences. 

The team is passionate about using data management and digital advancements to improve working practices within the field of geosciences. They have a great depth and breadth of experience in implementing numerical and computational techniques, data management and data visualisation within a range of technical backgrounds including geology, chemistry, microbiology, geomatics, and engineering. They are well connected across the geoscience industry, including academic institutions, environmental regulators, and other stakeholders. 

The team members also have experience working within the academic environment, with some having published their work in journal papers and presented at international conferences. They are passionate about digital advancements and have a proven track record of delivering Digital Transformation within geoscience.


Call for abstracts is now open. You can submit an abstract here. The deadline for submissions is 12 August 2024.

Prepare a concise abstract (300 words) highlighting your work. Whether you're an early-career scientist or a seasoned professional, we welcome your contributions! You will be asked whether you want to present orally or with a poster. 

Registration fees

Virtual Attendees

Fellow £90
Non-Fellow £130
Student Member £0
Student Non-Member £25
Retired Fellow £90
Speaker (Fellow) £90
Speaker (Non-Fellow) £115
Corporate Patron £110

In-Person Attendees

Fellow £190
Non-Fellow £325
Student Member £25
Student Non-Member £45
Retired Fellow £190
Speaker (Fellow) £190
Speaker (Non-Fellow) £210
Corporate Patron £225

Group Discounts 

5–9 delegates: 10% off

10–14 delegates: 15% off

15 delegates or more: 20% off

Please contact [email protected] for any group bookings.

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