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Further resources

Scottish Centre for Geopoetics

Find out more about the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, the geopoetics movement created by Kenneth White and events and readings happening near you.

Connecting to Climate 

Robert Burns and Geology

Two blog posts by Colin Will, then Makar to the Scottish Federation of Scottish Writers, which resulted from Poetry and Geology: A Celebration, including a full transcript of Colin's talk on Robert Burns.

Ediacaran and Anthropocene: poetry as a reader of deep time 

In the 2009 Anne Szumigalski Memorial Lecture, award-winning Canadian poet Don McKay contests that 'Geopoetry [...] provides a crossing point, a bridge over the infamous gulf separating scientific from poetic frames of mind, a gulf which has not served us well, nor the planet we inhabit' 

Dan Eltringham

A thought-provoking analysis of the Society's poetry day from Dan Eltringham, co-editor of The Literateur.

Between a Rock and a Bard 

Michael McKimm introduces the background to Poetry and Geology: A Celebration on the Geological Society's blog

Thomas Hardy and the Jurassic Coast 

Rebecca Welshman discusses Hardy’s fascination with the geology of his homeland. To discover more about Hardy’s relationship with the Jurassic Coast visit the Thomas Hardy Society or explore the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. A review by Ted Nield of Thomas Hardy and the Jurassic Coast – A guide by Patrick Tolfree and Rebecca Welshman is available online.

The Stone Library 

The website of Alyson Hallett contains information about her public poetry sculptures including her international art project ‘The Migration Habits of Stones’
Four articles which provide further information on issues raised by Bryan Lovell in his talk:
Select biographies of speakers and guest poets: