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UK takes first step towards siting a Geological Disposal Facility for radioactive waste

6th November 2020

The Geological Society welcomes today’s announcement that a working group of community stakeholders will begin discussions with Radioactive Waste Management about siting a Geological Disposal Facility for the UK’s radioactive waste in Copeland, Cumbria. This marks an important first step in the process of developing one of the UK’s largest ever environmental projects to ensure the safe and long-term storage of higher activity radioactive waste.

Geologists and subsurface data will be essential to inform the consultation and consent-based siting process. To find out more about radioactive waste, geological disposal, the selection of a site, and the role of geoscience in ensuring safe and secure disposal - read the Society’s policy briefing note on The Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste.

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cover page of the geological disposal of radioactive waste briefing note