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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reports to Council.

Terms of Reference

  • To keep under review policy and procedures relating to internal and financial accounting procedures;
  • To conduct a detailed examination of the draft annual accounts of the Society;
  • To undertake any such matters as may be required by Council; and
  • To report to Council.


The Audit Committee will be chaired by a Fellow appointed by Council and shall comprise not more than five Fellows with experience of financial management. None of the members of the Committee shall be members of Council.

The membership of the Committee is determined by Council.

Members of the Committee will normally serve for three years.

The Treasurer, Executive Secretary and Director of Finance & Operations will attend the meetings of the Audit Committee.

Method of Working

The Committee will meet at least once per year.

Committee Members


  • Mr Roger Dunshea

Other members

  • Mr Chris Bulley
  • Dr Nick Hardy
  • Mr Chris Longman
  • Mrs Beverley Parrish
  • Dr Nigel Platt
  • Mr Gavin Ward

In attendance

  • Mr Graham Goffey (Treasurer)


  • Dr Richard Hughes (Executive Secretary)
  • Ms Stephanie Jones (Administrative Secretary)
  • Mr Alex McPherson (Director of Finance and Operations)