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Awards, Grants and Bursaries


Medals and Funds

Awards Coin Image BronzeThe Geological Society of London has been making awards since 1831, when its senior medal, the Wollaston, was first awarded to William Smith.  

Our medals and funds are for significant research contributions to science OR contributions to applied and economic geology OR eminent contributions to any branch of geology OR distinction in the practice of geology.  

The full criteria are in regulation R/G/14

Nominations for 2019 Awards

Fellows of the Society are invited to submit nominations for the Society’s Awards for 2019 to the Awards Committee. 

Nominations should ideally be endorsed by several supporters to demonstrate wide support in the community. Proposers and supporters should not be from the nominee's institution or company (with the exception of the Lyell, Murchison, William Smith and Wollaston Funds – see Regulation), although it may be appropriate to obtain a statement from a company on an individual's contribution in the case of Awards in applied areas.  

Specialist and Regional Group Committees can make nominations. These need only be signed by the Chair of the Group, who should make it clear that they are representing the whole Committee. 

The criteria for the medals and funds are given below. All medals, awards and funds are usually awarded annually by Council (or by the President in the case of the President’s Awards) though no award will be made for a specific award if no candidate with sufficient achievements is proposed that year or as Council determines.  

The Awards Committee will retain its discretion to move candidates to other categories of award if appropriate.

Nominations must be submitted no later than noon on Friday, 28 September 2018 using the forms below.

Email Stephanie Jones: or post to:

Awards Secretary 
Geological Society
Burlington House
London W1J 0BG

Nomination for a Medal

Nomination for Distinguished Service Award

Nomination for The R. H. Worth Award

Nomination for a fund

​Guidance Notes – Submitting nominations for Society Awards



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Interested in our Grants? 

Applications for Society Research Funds are open with an average award of approximately £1,000.



Distinguished Geologists Memorial Trust medal image

Travel bursaries to enable recipients to broaden their experience and for professional development. 

Visit the Bursary Page for details of how to apply.