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Great American Carbonate Bank: The Geology and Economic Resources of the Cambrian-Ordovician Sauk Megasequence of Laurentia, The

Product Code: 787
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by James Derby, Richard Fritz, Susan Longacre, William Morgan, and Charles Sternbach
Publication Date: 21 February 2013
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AAPG Memoir 98 (co-published by AAPG and Shell)

Hardback book plus DVD

The Great American Carbonate Bank (GACB) comprises the carbonates (and related siliciclastics) of the Sauk megasequence, which were deposited on and around the Laurentian continent during Cambrian through earliest Middle Ordovician, forming one of the largest carbonate-dominated platforms of the Phanerozoic.

The Sauk megasequence, which ranges upwards of several thousand meters thick along the Bank's margin, consists of distinctive Lithofacies and fauna that are widely recognized throughout Laurentia. A refined biostratigraphic zonation forms the chronostratigraphic framework for correlating disparate outcrops and subsurface data, providing the basis for interpreting depositional patterns and the evolution of the Bank. GACB hydrocarbon fields have produced 4 BBO and 21 TCFG, mostly from reservoirs near the Sauk-Tippecanoe unconformity. The GACB is also a source of economic minerals and construction material and, locally, serves as either an aquifer or repository for injection of waste material.

This Memoir comprises works on biostratigraphy, ichnology, stratigraphy, depositional facies, diagenesis, and petroleum and mineral resources of the GACB. It is dedicated to James Lee Wilson who first conceived of this publication and who worked on many aspects of the GACB during his long and illustrious career.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-89181-380-4
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 528
Weight: 1.95 kg



Introduction, Richard D. Fritz

Paleogeography of the Great American Carbonate Bank of Laurentia in the Earliest Ordovician (Early Tremadocian): The Stonehenge Transgression, James R. Derby, Robert J. Raine, Anthony C. Runkel, and M. Paul Smith

Biostratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy of the Cambrian–Ordovician Great American Carbonate Bank, John F. Taylor, John E. Repetski, James D. Loch, and Stephen A. Leslie

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Great American Carbonate Bank, William A. Morgan

The Great Lower Ordovician Cavern System, F. Jerry Lucia

A Brief Overview of the Diversity and Patterns in Bioturbation Preserved in the Cambrian–Ordovician Carbonate and Siliciclastic Deposits of Laurentia, Stephen T. Hasiotis

Petroleum Resources of the Great American Carbonate Bank, Charles A. Sternbach

Mississippi Valley-type Mineralization and Ore Deposits in the Cambrian–Ordovician Great American Carbonate Bank, Jay M. Gregg and Kevin L. Shelton

Biostratigraphy of Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Strata in the Llano Uplift, Central Texas, James F. Miller, James D. Loch, and John F. Taylor

The Geology of the Arbuckle Group in the Midcontinent: Sequence Stratigraphy, Reservoir Development, and the Potential for Hydrocarbon Exploration, Richard D. Fritz, Patrick Medlock, Michael J. Kuykendall, and James L. Wilson

Ordovician of the Sauk Megasequence in the Ozark Region of Northern Arkansas and Parts of Missouri and Adjacent States, Raymond L. Ethington, John E. Repetski, and James R. Derby

Great American Carbonate Bank: Knox Group in the Black Warrior Basin, Richard D. Fritz, Patrick Medlock, Michael Kuykendal, and James Lee Wilson

The Middle Ordovician Knox Unconformity in the Black Warrior Basin, Gary S. Dwyer and John E. Repetski

Cambrian–Lower Middle Ordovician Passive Carbonate Margin, Southern Appalachians, J. Fred Read and John E. Repetski

Sequential Development of Platform to Off-platform Facies of the Great American Carbonate Bank in the Central Appalachians, David K. Brezinski, John F. Taylor, and John E. Repetski

High-energy Shelf-margin Carbonate Facies: Microbial Sheet Reefs, Endolites, and Intraclast Grainstone—Ledger Formation (Middle Cambrian), Pennsylvania, Carol B. de Wet, Dave Hopkins, Michael Rahnis, Megan Murphy, and Rachel Dvoretsky

The Great American Carbonate Bank in Eastern Laurentia: Its Births, Deaths, and Linkage to Paleooceanic Oxygenation (Early Cambrian–Late Ordovician), Ed Landing

The Great American Carbonate Bank: Northern Appalachians – Cambrian-Ordovician (Sauk) Albany Basin Setting, New York, Friedman M. Gerald

The Great American Carbonate Bank in Eastern Canada: An Overview, Denis Lavoie, André Desrochers, George Dix, Ian Knight, and Osman Salad Hersi

Regional Stratigraphic, Depositional, and Diagenetic Patterns of the Interior of St. Lawrence Platform: The Lower Ordovician Romaine Formation, Western Anticosti Basin, Quebec, André Desrochers, Denis Lavoie, Patricia Brennan-Alpert, and Guoxiang Chi

The Sauk-Tippecanoe Megasequence Boundary in an Interior Structural Corridor (Ottawa Embayment) of the Great American Carbonate Bank, George R. Dix

Biostratigraphic Constraints on Chronostratigraphic Intraformational Relationships within the Lower–Middle Ordovician Beekmantown Group, Laurentian Margin: Eastern Ontario and Southwestern Quebec, Canada, Osman Salad Hersi

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Scottish Laurentian Margin and Recognition of the, Sauk Megasequence, Robert J. Raine and Paul Smith

Development of the Lower Cambrian–Middle Ordovician Carbonate Platform: North Atlantic Region, Svend Stouge, William D. Boyce, David A. T. Harper, Jørgen L. Christiansen, and Ian Knight

The Lower Cambrian to Lower Ordovician Carbonate Platform and Shelf Margin, Canadian Arctic Islands , Keith Dewing and Godfrey Nowlan

Cambrian–Ordovician Sedimentary Rocks of Alaska, Julie A. Dumoulin and Anita G. Harris

Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Sauk Megasequence of Northwestern Canada, Northern Rocky Mountains to the Beaufort Sea, Leanne J. Pyle

Middle Cambrian–Middle Ordovician Rocks of Western Canada, Latitude 49° to the Peace River, B. S. Norford

Overview of Lower Cambrian Mixed Carbonate-siliciclastic Deposition along the Western Laurentian Passive Margin, Michael C. Pope, John Stewart Hollingsworth, and Kelly Dilliard

Sauk Megasequence Deposition in Northeastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana, John H. Bush, Robert C. Thomas, and Michael C. Pope

The Great American Carbonate Bank in the Miogeocline of Western Central Utah: Tectonic Influences on Sedimentation, James F. Miller, Kevin R. Evans, and Benjamin F. Dattilo

Gamma-ray Cross Sections—Correlation of Steptoean Strata in the Eastern Great Basin Using Outcrop Gamma-ray Profiles, Kevin R. Evans

Well Study—Sauk III-IV Interval in the American Quasar 16-21A Horse Heaven-State Well, Confusion Range, West-Central Utah, Kevin R. Evans, James F. Miller, and Benjamin F. Dattilo

Sauk Megasequence Supersequences, Southern Great Basin: Second-order Accommodation Events on the Southwestern Cordilleran Margin Platform, Martin Keller, John D. Cooper, and Oliver Lehnert

The Cambrian–Ordovician Rocks of Sonora, Mexico, and Southern Arizona, Southwestern Margin of North America (Laurentia), William R. Page, Anita G. Harris, and John E. Repetski

Digital Outcrop Model of Stratigraphy and Breccias of the Southern Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas, Jerome A. Bellian, Charles Kerans, and John Repetski

Facies Belts, Microfacies, and Karst Features of the Ellenburger Group, Kerr Basin, Texas: Observations Based on Cores, Richard C. Geesaman and James Lee Wilson

The Circum-Laurentian Carbonate Bank, the Western Ouachita-Cuyania Basin, and the Prodigal Llanoria Landmass, Patricia Wood Dickerson

The Argentine Precordillera: A Little American Carbonate Bank, Martin Keller

The Sauk Megasequence in the Cratonic Interior of North America: Interplay between a Fully Developed Inner Detrital Belt and the Central Great American Carbonate Bank, Anthony C. Runkel, Robert M. McKay, Clinton A. Cowan, James F. Miller, and John F. Taylor

The Sauk Megasequence from the Reelfoot Rift to Southwestern Missouri, James Palmer, Thomas L. Thompson, Cheryl Seeger, James F. Miller, and Jay M. Gregg

Arbuckle Group Platform Strata in Kansas: A Synthesis, Evan K. Franseen and Alan P. Byrnes

The Great American Bank in the Central Michigan Basin, William B. Harrison III and G. Michael Grammer

Evaluation of Knox Supergroup Dolostones as a Target for Carbon Dioxide Storage in Western Kentucky, Michelle A. Pittenger, Charles T. Feazel, Govert J. Buijs, Ray R., and Paul W. Johnson

Ordovician Knox Carbonates and Sandstones of the Eastern Midcontinent: Potential Geologic Carbon Storage Reservoirs and Seals, Stephen F. Greb, Ronald A. Riley, Richard Bowersox, Michael P. Solis, John A. Rupp, Mark Kelley, David C. Harris, and Neeraj Gupta

Unconformity, Karst, Hydrocarbons, Minerals, Environments, and Structures Present in the Cambrian–Ordovician Knox Group in Kentucky: An Example from South-central Kentucky, Patrick J. Gooding

Upper Cambrian Gatesburg Formation of Central and Western Pennsylvania, Christopher D. Laughrey and John A. Harper

Great American Carbonate Bank Subsurface Stratigraphy in the Northern Appalachian Basin, New York State, Langhorne B. Smith Jr.


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