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Development Geology Reference Manual

Product Code: 612
Series: AAPG Methods in Exploration
Author/Editor: Edited by Diana Morton-Thompson & Arnold M. Woods
Publication Date: 01 January 1993
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AAPG Methods in Exploration #10

The production and exploration geologist's best data base for saving time. This is a quick reference to concepts, tools, formulas, and techniques on everything from economics and land leasing to wellsite and engineering methods. If you are in the petroleum geology business this is a must-have volume.

Three-ring binder, colour, index.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-89181-660-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-89181-660-7
Publisher: AAPG
Pages: 548
Weight: 2.6 kg


Common Oil Field Abbreviations * Conversion Chart * Land and Leasing, edited by James C. Tinkler * Introduction * Functions of a Petroleum Landman * Land Description and Maps * Determining Owners of Oil and Gas Interests, and Methods of Conveyance * Nature of the Oil and Gas Lease * Oil and Gas Contracts * Economics and Risk Assessment, edited by Peter R. Rose and Robert S. Thompson * Introduction * Fundamental Economic Equations for Oil and Gas Property Evaluation * Uncertainties Impacting Reserves, Revenue, and Costs * Expected Value and Chance of Success * The Time Value of Money * Building a Cash Flow Model * About Taxes * Key Economic Parameters * Dealing with Risk Aversion * Economics of Property Acquisitions * Wellsite Methods, edited by Arnold M. Woods, Byram Reed, and Diana Morton-Thompson * Introduction * Well Planning * Land Rigs * Offshore Rigs * Rig Personnel * Wellsite Safety * Wellbore Trajectory * Drilling Fluid * Pressure Detection * Fishing * Drilling Problems * Measurement While Drilling * Rate of Penetration * Wellsite Math * Mudlogging Equipment, Services, and Personnel * Mudlogging: The Mudlog * Mudlogging: Drill Cuttings Analysis * Mudlogging: Gas Extraction and Monitoring * Show Evaluation * Conventional Coring * Sidewall Coring * Core Orientation * Core Handling * Core Alteration and Preservation * Drill Stem Testing * Wireline Methods, edited by Mark W. Alberty * Introduction * Basic Open Hole Tools * Basic Tool Table * Basic Cased Hole Tools * Wireline Formation Testers * Dipmeters * Borehole Imaging Devices * Preprocessing of Logging Data * Determination of Water Resistivity * Quick-Look Lithology from Logs * Standard Interpretation * Difficult Lithologies * Formation Evaluation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs * Laboratory Methods, edited by Frank Ethridge * Introduction * Core Description * Overview of Routine Core Analysis * Porosity * Permeability * Core-Log Transformations and Porosity-Permeability Relationships * Wettability * Capillary Pressure * Relative Permeability * Paleontology * Thin Section Analysis * SEM, XRD, CL, and XF Methods * Oil and Condensate Analysis * Oilfield Water Analysis * Rock-Water Reaction: Formation Damage * Geological Methods, edited by Roger M. Slatt * Introduction * Lithofacies and Environmental Analysis of Clastic Depositional Systems * Carbonate Reservoir Models: Facies, Diagenesis, and Flow Characterization * Reservoir Quality * Geological Heterogeneities * Flow Units for Reservoir Characterization * Effective Pay Determination * Conversion of Well Log Data to Subsurface Stratigraphic and Structural Information * Subsurface Maps * Geological Cross Sections * Fluid Contacts * Evaluating Stratigraphically Complex Fields * Evaluating Diagenetically Complex Reservoirs * Evaluating Tight Gas Reservoirs * Evaluating Fractured Reservoirs * Evaluating Structurally Complex Reservoirs * Statistics Overview * Correlation and Regression Analysis * Multivariate Data Analysis * Monte Carlo and Stochastic Simulation Methods * Geophysical Methods, edited by Peter Duncan * Introduction * Seismic Data Acquisition on Land * Marine Seismic Data Acquisition * Basic Seismic Processing * Seismic Migration * Displaying Seismic Data * Seismic Interpretation * Mapping with Two-Dimensional Seismic Data * Three-Dimensional Seismic Method * Vertical and Lateral Seismic Resolution and Attenuation * Synthetic Seismograms * Forward Modeling of Seismic Data * Seismic Inversion * Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) Analysis * Checkshots and Vertical Seismic Profiles * Cross-Borehole Tomography in Development Geology * Full Waveform Acoustic Logging * The Gravity Method * Borehole Gravity * Magnetics * Electrical Methods * Integrated Computer Methods, edited by Brian Shaw * Introduction * Introduction to Contouring Geological Data with a Computer * Using and Improving Surface Models Built by Computer * Log Analysis * Applications * A Development Geology Workstation * Two-Dimensional Geophysical Workstation Interpretation: Generic Problems and Solutions * References Cited * Production Engineering Methods, edited by Stephen A. Holditch * Introduction * Production Histories * Well Completions * Stimulation * Production Testing * Pressure Transient Testing * Surface Production Equipment * Artificial Lift * Production Logging * Production Problems * Workovers * Reservoir Engineering Methods, edited by E. G. Rhodes * Introduction * Petroleum Reservoir Fluid Properties * Fundamentals of Fluid Flow * Reserves Estimation * Drive Mechanisms and Recovery * Waterflooding * Enhanced Oil Recovery * Reservoir Modeling for Simulation Purposes * Conducting a Reservoir Simulation Study: An Overview


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