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Foreland Basins and Fold Belts - AAPG Memoir 55 CD

Product Code: 143
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by Roger W. Macqueen and Dale A. Leckie
Publication Date: 01 May 2008
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Digital Reprint of Memoir 55

This publication is the fourth in the AAPG Petroleum Basins Series and focuses on the Western Canadian basin and foreland as the type area, with five analog basins in the United States, Iran, and Venezuela.

Type: CD
Ten Digit ISBN: 1588613402
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781588613400
Publisher: AAPG
Weight: 0.17 kg


Introduction, Roger W. Macqueen and Dale A Leckie • Regional Setting, Evolution, and Depositional Cycles of the Western Canada Foreland Basin, Dale A Leckie and David G. Smith • Siliciclastic Sequence Development in Foreland Basins, with Examples from the Western Canada Foreland Basin, Macomb T. Jervey • Tectonics and Structure of the Western Canada Foreland Basin, Peter R Fermor and Ian W. Moffat • Relationship of the Stratigraphy of the Western Canada Foreland Basin to Cordilleran Tectonics: Insights from Geodynamic Models, Glen S. Stockmal, Douglas J. Cant, and J. Sebastian Bell • Early Surface and Subsurface Investigations of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, J. W. Porter • Conventional Hydrocarbon Reserves of the Western Canada F oreland Basin, J. W. Porter • Western Canada Foreland Basin Oil and Gas Plays, J. E. Barclay and David G. Smith • Lithology and Diagenesis of Sandstones in the Western Canada Foreland Basin, Dan Potocki and Ian Hutcheon • Thermal History of the Cordilleran Foreland Basin in Western Canada: A Review, Kirk G. Osadetz, F. Walter Jones, Jacek A Majorowicz, David E. Pearson and Laverne D. Stasiuk • Petroleum Systems in the Foreland Basin of Western Canada, S. Creaney and J. Allan • Petroleum in the Zagros Basin: A Late Tertiary Foreland Basin Overprinted onto the Outer Edge of a Vast Hydrocarbon-Rich Paleozoic- Mesozoic Passive-Margin Shelf, Z. R Beydoun, M. W. Hughes Clarke, and R Stoneley • Petroleum Geology of the Eastern Venezuela Foreland Basin, R N. Erlich and S. F. Barrett • The North Slope Foreland Basin, Alaska, Kenneth J. Bird and Cornelius M. Molenaar • Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Distribution, Rocky Mountain Foreland, Robbie Gries, J. C. Dolson, and R G. H. Raynolds • Ouachita Foredeep Basins: Regional Paleogeography and Habitat of Hydrocarbons, Lawrence D. Meckel, Jr., David G. Smith, and Leon A. Wells • Summary and Conclusions, Roger W. Macqueen and Dale A. Leckie • Index


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