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Risk Analysis and Management of Petroleum Exploration Ventures - CD

Product Code: 1193
Series: AAPG Methods in Exploration
Author/Editor: by Peter R Rose
Publication Date: 08 August 2012
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AAPG Methods in Exploration No. 12 reprinted on CD.

Risk Analysis is a comprehensive, fully integrated, state-of-the-art treatise covering the objective evaluation of exploratory drilling ventures and key concepts for efficient, profitable management of such projects. The book has a strong practical orientation, setting forth sound, tested principles and procedures, with simple, effective explanations of the underlying concepts.


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Type: CD
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-58861-444-5
Publisher: AAPG
Weight: 0.2 kg


1. Introduction.
2. Geotechnical Estimates under Uncertainty
3. Risk Analysis of Exploration Prospects
4. Economic Analysis of Exploration Ventures
5. Exploration Plays-Risk Analysis and Economic Assessment
6. Management of Exploration Projects as Business Ventures
7. Petroleum Industry Practices of Exploration Risk Analysis
Appendix A: Methods for Calculating the Mean of a Lognormal Distribution
Appendix B: Graphical Method for Combining Probabilistic Distributions by Multiplication
Appendix C: A Recurring Problem in Estimating Prospect Reserves, Determining Reasonable “Low-side" Values (P99% and P90%)
Appendix D: Evaluating and Combining Multiple-objective Ventures
Part 1: Multiple-zone Prospect Example: Geologic and Economic Assumptions
Part 2: Combining Multiple Types of Ventures
Appendix E: Steps in Geotechnical Procedure for Prioritizing Petroleum Prospectivity in New Exploration Areas
Appendix F: Reconstructing Parent Field-size Distributions from Offshore FSDs
Appendix G: Matrix for Comparing, Ranking, and Planning New Exploration Plays


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