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The impacts of volcanism on sedimentary basins and their energy resources

08 - 09 September 2022
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Geological Society Events, Energy Group
The Geological Society, Burlington House
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Abstract Deadline - 25 March 2022

A large number of global sedimentary basins are impacted by igneous systemsin the form of extrusives, intrusives and volcaniclastics. Considerable research regarding the impact of these volcanics on hydrocarbon plays has been completed in recent years including the role of intrusions in basinal heat flow and fluid migration, diversion of sediment pathways in volcanic terrains, and influence of igneous material on sealing units and reservoir quality. Sub-basalt stratigraphy also continues to be an enigma in many parts of the world both in terms of seismic imaging and play element definition. There is now an opportunity to disseminate and share learnings globally, which could unlock energy opportunities in in other hydrocarbon basins impacted by volcanism. Increasingly these concepts can also help to develop geothermal plays or delineate carbon capture and hydrogen storage. For example, the knowledge built up by the hydrocarbon industry on reservoir and seal characterisation in volcanically affected basins will have a strong influence on geothermal opportunities and gas storage site definition. The aim of the conference is to encourage global submissions to applied problems across the span of the energy transition. In particular the committee encourage expressions of interest for submissions regarding:

  • Margin and basin-wide examples of volcanic systems and their impact on resource plays (hydrocarbons, geothermal, hydrogen, CCUS)
  • Global examples of the impact of volcanics on reservoirs and seals from pore to basin-scale
  • The influence of volcanics on basinal heat flow and our understanding of geothermal gradients, hydrocarbon charge and impact on geothermal systems.
  • Examples of new tools to aid our understanding of volcanic impacted basins (at all scales from seismic imaging to diagenetic analysis).


John Underhill, GeoNetZero & Heriot Watt University

Sandra Snaebjörnsdóttir, Carbfix

Nick Schofield, University of Aberdeen

Craig Magee, University of Leeds

Monia Procesi, Istituto Nazionale de Geofisica e Vulcanologia


Ben Kilhams, Shell

David Gardiner, IGI

Simon Gozzard, GZZ Exploration

Simon Holford, University of Adelaide

Charlotte McLean, CASP

David McNamara, Liverpool University

Scott Thackrey, Total Energies

Douglas Watson, University of Aberdeen

Call for abstracts - Deadline 25 March 2022

Abstract submissions are now open for oral and poster presentations. To submit an abstract, please email and copy to Sarah Woodcock

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