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Braided Rivers - paperback

Product Code: SPC75
Series: GSL Special Publication Classics - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J L Best and C S Bristow
Publication Date: 09 February 1998
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Paperback reprint of Special Publication 75.

"Essential reading for students, researchers, teachers and appliedworkers interested in braided rivers and fluvial sedimentology." Progress in Physical Geography 1994, p.564

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-006-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-006-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 432
Weight: 1.02 kg


Sponsors • BRISTOW, C. S. & BEST, J. L. Braided rivers: perspectives and problems • BRIDGE, J. S. The interaction between channel geometry, water flow, sediment transport and deposition in braided rivers • FERGUSON, R. 1. Understanding braiding processes in gravel-bed rivers: progress and unsolved problems • CLIFFORD, N. J., HARDISTY, J., FRENCH, J. R. & HART, S. Downstream variation in bed material characteristics: a turbulence-controlled form-process feedback mechanism • FRIEND, P. F. & SINHA, R. Braiding and meandering parameters • ROBERTSON-RINTOUL, M. S. E. & RICHARDS, K. S. Braided-channel pattern and palaeohydrology using an index of total sinuosity • LEDDY, J. O, ASHWORTH, P. J. & BEST, J. L. Mechanisms of anabranch avulsion within gravel-bed braided rivers: observations from a scaled physical model • ASHMORE, P. Anabranch confluence kinetics and sedimentation processes III gravel-braided streams • SIEGENTHALER, C. & HUGGENBERGER, P. Pleistocene Rhine gravel: deposits of a braided river system with dominant pool preservation • HUGGENBERGER, P. Radar facies: recognition of facies patterns and heterogeneities within Pleistocene Rhine gravels, NE Switzerland • BENTHAM, P. A., TALLING, P. J. & BURBANK, D. W. Braided stream and flood-plain deposition in a rapidly aggrading basin: the Escanilla formation, Spanish Pyrenees • RICHARDS, K., CHANDRA, S. & FRIEND, P. Avulsive channel systems: charac­teristics and examples • PASSMORE, D. G., MACKLIN, M. G., BREwER, P. A., LEWIN, J., RUMSBY, B. T. & NEwsoN, M. D. Variability of late Holocene braiding in Britain • GILVEAR, D. J. River management and conservation issues on formerly braided river systems: the case of the River Tay, Scotland • WARBURTON, J., DAVIES, T. R. H. & MANDL, M. G. A meso-scale field investigation of channel change and floodplain characteristics in an upland braided gravel­bed river, New Zealand • THORNE, C. R., RUSSELL, A. P. G. & ALAM, M. K. Planform pattern and channel evolution of the Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh • BRISTOW, C. S. Sedimentary structures exposed in bar tops in the Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh • BRISTOW, C. S. Sedimentology of the Rough Rock: a Carboniferous braided river sheet sandstone in northern England • MIALL, A. D. The architecture of fluvial-deltaic sequences in the Upper Mesaverde Group (Upper Cretaceous), Book Cliffs, Utah • MARTIN, J. H. A review of braided fluvial hydrocarbon reservoirs: the petroleum engineer's perspective • KARPETA, W. P. Sedimentology and gravel bar morphology in an Archaen braided river sequence: the Witpan Conglomerate Member (Witwatersrand Supergroup) in the Welkom Goldfield, South Africa • EDGINGTON, L. & HARBURY, N. Provenance of braided alluvial deposits of the Thari Formation, Rhodes, SE Aegean: evidence for major erosion of an ophiolite­bearing thrust sheet • COPLEY, V. R. & MOORE, J. MeM. Debris provenance mapping in braided drainage using remote sensing • Index 


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