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Geological Applications of Wireline Logs - paperback

Product Code: SPC48
Series: GSL Special Publication Classics - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A Hurst, M A Lovell & A C Morton
Publication Date: 18 October 1990
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Paperback reprint of Special Publication 48.

Geological Applications of Wireline Logs was, we believe, the first volume to be published on the geological applications of well logging. Launched in February 1990, it became one of the fastest selling Geological Society publications. The initial print run quickly sold out and the volume was reprinted in July of that year. 
Reviews of the book were universally positive, many commenting on the freshness of approach and the breadth of topics covered. Some extracts from these appear on the back cover of this edition.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-96-6
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-96-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 357
Weight: 0.75 kg


MORTON, A. C., HURST, A. & LOVELL, M. A. Introduction • Sedimentology • LUTHI, S. M. Sedimentary structures of clastic rocks identified from electrical borehole images • HARKER, S. D., MCGANN, G. J., BOURKE L. T. & AOAMS, J. T. Methodology of formation micro scanner image interpretation in Claymore and Scapa Fields (North Sea) • RIDER, M. H. Gamma-ray log shape used as a facies indicator: critical analysis of an oversimplified methodology • HERWEIJER, J. c., HOCKER, C. F. W., WILLIAMS, H. & EASTWOOO, K. M. The relevance of dip profiles from outcrops as reference for the interpretation of SHDT dips • KING, D. E. Incorporating geological data in well log interpretation • Moss, B. P. Stochastic reservoir description: a methodology • GRIFFITHS, C. M. The language of rocks: an example of the use of syntactic analysis in the interpretation of sedimentary environments from wire line logs • NURMl, R., CHARARA, M., WATERHOUSE, M. & PARK, R. Heterogeneities in carbonate reservoirs: detection and analysis using borehole electrical imagery • DORFMAN, M. H., NEWEY, J.-J. & COATES, G. R. New techniques in lithofacies determination and permeability prediction in carbonates using well logs • Stratigraphic correlation • WORTHINGTON, P. F. Sediment cyclicity from well logs • GRIFFITHS, C. M. & BAKKE, S. Interwell matching using a combination of petrophysicalIy derived numerical lithologies and gene-typing techniques • BUCKLEY, D. K. & OLIVER, D. Geophysical logging of water exploration boreholes in the Deccan Traps, Central India • Mineralogy and geochernistry • HERRON, M. M. & HERRON, S. L. Geological applications of geochemical well logging ANOERSON, R. N., DOVE, R. E. & PRATSON, E. Geochemical well logs: calibration and lithostratigraphy in basaltic, granitic and metamorphic rocks • BREWER, T. S., LOVELL, M. A., HARVEY, P. K., PELLING, R., ATKIN, B. P. & AOAMSON, A. Preliminary geochemical results from DSDP/ODP Hole 504B: a comparison of core and log data • PRIMMER, T. J., KERR, S. A. & MYERS, K. J. Feasibility of in situ elemental analysis in mudrock evaluation • HURST, A. Natural gamma-ray spectrometry in hydrocarbon-bearing sandstones from the ~orwegian Continental Shelf • HUMPHREYS, B. & LOTI, G. K. An investigation into nuclear log responses of North Sea J urassic reservoirs using mineralogical analysis • STOCKS, A. E. & LAWRENCE, S. R. Identification of source rocks from wireline logs • Identification of faults and fractures • FERTL, W. H. Circumferential acoustic logs detect natural fractures and determine their orientation • LEHNE, K. A. Fracture detection from logs of North Sea chalk • RONNINGSLAND, T. M. Structural interpretation of dipmeter results in the Gullfaks Field • DEVILLlERS, M. C. & WERNER, Ph. Examples of fault identification using dipmeter data • GOLDBERG, D., SPEED, D., WILKINSON, C. & SCHOLZ, E. A correlation of hydraulic conduc­tivities from pulse tests with sonic log amplitudes • Physical properties • BELL, J. S. Investigating stress regimes in sedimentary basins using information from oil industry wireline logs and drilling records • EVANS, C. J. & BREREToN, N. R. In situ crustal stress in the United Kingdom from borehole breakouts • LOVELL, M. A. & PEZARD, P. A. Electrical properties of basalts from DSDP Hole S04B: a key to the evaluation of pore space morphology • ENTWlSLE, D. C. & MCCANN, D. M. An assessment of the use of Christensen's equation for the prediction of shear wave velocity and engineering parameters • Index


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