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Alpine Tectonics - paperback

Product Code: SPC45
Series: GSL Special Publication Classics - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M P Coward, D Dietrich & R G Park
Publication Date: 01 July 1994
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Paperback reprint of Special Publication 45.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-14-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-14-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 450
Weight: 0.94 kg


Preface • Acknowledgements • COWARD, M. & DIETRICH, D. Alpine tectonics- an overview • Tectonic Evolution of the External Zones of the Alps • RAMS A Y, J. G. Fold and fault geometry in the western Helvetic nappes of Switzerland and France and its implications for the evolution of the arc of the western Alps • DIETRICH, D. & CASEY, M. A new tectonic model for the Helvetic nappes • GRATIER, J. -P., MENARD, G. & ARPIN, R. Strain-displacement compatibility and restoration of the Chaines Subalpines of the western Alps • FRY, N. Southwestward thrusting and tectonics of the western Alps • Tectonic Evolution of the Internal and Southern Zones of the Alps • MERLE, 0., COBBOLD, P. R. & SCHMID, S. Tertiary kinematics in the Lepontine dome • PLAIT, J. P., LISTER, G. S., CUNNINGHAM, P., WESTON, P., PEEL, F., BAUDlN, T. & DONDEY, H. Thrusting and backthrusting in the Brian<;onnais domain of the western Alps • SCHMID, S. M., AEBLI, H. R., HELLER, F. & ZINGG, A. The role of the Periadriatic Line in the tectonic evolution of the Alps • ELLIS, A. c., BARNICOAT, A. C. & FRY, N. Structural and metamorphic constraints on the tectonic evolution of the upper Pennine Alps • RIDLEY, J. Structural and metamorphic history of a segment of the Sesia - Lanzo zone, and its bearing on the kinematics of Alpine deformation in the western Alps • BRODIE, K. H., REX, D. & RUITER, E. H. On the age of deep crustal extensional faulting in the Ivrea zone, northern Italy • ROEDER, D. South-Alpine thrusting and trans-Alpine convergence • LAUBSCHER, H. P. The tectonics of the southern Alps and the Austro- Alpine nappes: a comparison • RATSCHBACHER, L. & NEUBAUER, F. West-directed decollement of Austro-Alpine cover nappes in the eastern Alps; geometrical and rheological considerations • Models of the Development of the Alpine Chain • DEWEY, J. F., HELMAN, M. L., TURCO, E., HUITON, D. H. W. & KNOIT, S. D. Kinematics of the western Mediterranean • CHANNELL, J. E. T. & MARESCHAL, J. C. Delamination and asymmetric lithospheric thickening in the development of the Tyrrhenian Rift • MUELLER, St. Deep-reaching geodynamic processes in the Alps • VIAWN, P., ROCHETIE, P. & MENARD, G. Indentation and rotation in the western Alpine arc • LACASSIN, R. Plate-scale kinematics and compatibility of crustal shear zones in the Alps • HUNZIKER, J. c., DESMONS J. & MARTINOTII, G. Alpine thermal evolution in the central and western Alps • HURFORD, A. J., FUSCH, M. & JAGER, E. Unravelling the thermo-tectonic evolution of the Alps: a contribution from fission track analysis and mica dating • HELLER, F., LOWRIE, W. & HIRT, A. M. A review of palaeomagnetic and magnetic anisotropy results from the Alps • HsD, K. J. Time and place in Alpine orogenesis: the Fermor Lecture • INDEX


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