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Inversion Tectonics - paperback

Product Code: SPC44
Series: GSL Special Publication Classics - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M A Cooper and G D Williams
Publication Date: 01 October 1993
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Paperback reprint of Special Publication 44.

Here finally, are some definitive, well-documented examples of important structural phenomenen, backed up with modern subsurface data.Geological Magazine, 127, No. 5

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-97-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-97-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 275
Weight: 0.77 kg


COOPER, M. A. & WILLIAMS, G. D. Introduction • Modelling and Theoretical Concepts • WILLIAMS G. D., POWELL, C. M. & COOPER, M. A. Geometry and kinematics of inversion tectonics • HAYWARD, A. B. & GRAHAM, R. H. Some geometrical characteristics of inversion • MCCLAY, K. R. Analogue models of inversion tectonics • Inversion in the Alps and Alpine Foreland • ZIEGLER, P. A. Geodynamic model for Alpine intra-plate compressional deformation in Western and Central Europe • DE GRACIANSKY, P. c., DARDEAU, G., LEMOINE, M. & TRICART, P. The inverted margin of the French Alps and foreland basin inversion • BUTLER, R. W. H. The influence of pre-existing basin structure on thrust system evolution in the Western Alps • SIMPSON, I. R., GRAVESTOCK, M., HAM, D., LEACH, H. & THOMPSON, S. D. Notes and cross­sections illustrating inversion tectonics in the Wessex Basin • ROBERTS, D. G. Basin inversion in and around the British Isles • Inversion on the European Continental Shelf • CARTWRIGHT, J. A. The kinematics of inversion in the Danish Central Graben • CHAPMAN, T. J. The Permian to Cretaceous structural evolution of the Western Approaches Basin (Melville sub-basin), UK • BADLEY, M. E., PRICE, J. D. & BACKSHALL, L. C. Inversion, reactivated faults and related structures: seismic examples from the southern North Sea • Inversion in Other Geological Environments • POWELL, C. M. & WILLIAMS, G. D. The Lewis Thrust/Rocky Mountain trench fault system in Northwest Montana, USA: an example of negative inversion tectonics? • MCCLAY, K. R., INSLEY, M. W. & ANDERTON, R. Inversion of the Kechika Trough, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada • MORLEY, C. K. Basin inversion in the Osen - R0a thrust sheet, Southern Norway • COWARD, M. P., ENFIELD, M. A. & FISCHER, M. W. Devonian basins of Northern Scotland: extension and inversion related to Late Caledonian-Variscan tectonics • DALY, M. c., CHOROWICZ, J. & FAIRHEAD, J. D. Rift basin evolution in Africa: the influence of reactivated steep basement shear zones • COOPER, M. A., WILLIAMS, G. D., DE GRACIANSKY, P. C., MURPHY, R. W., NEEDHAM, T., DE PAOR, D., STONELEY, R., TODD, S. P., TURNER, J. P. & ZIEGLER, P. A. Inversion tectonics - a discussion • Abstracts • DALZIEL, I. W. D. Inversion of circum-Pacific marginal basins • DEWEY, J. F. Kinematics and dynamics of basin inversion • GIBBS, A. & BEACH, A. Extensional tectonics in a convergent intra-plate setting: linked inversions on oblique and frontal ramps • GILLCRIST, R., COWARD, M. P. TRUDGlLL, B, PECHER, A. & MUGNIER, J. L. Structural inversion in the external French Alps • KUSZNIR, N. J. & WILLIAMS, G. D. Geometric, thermal and isostatic constraints on basin inversion • VAN HOORN, B. Structural evolution, timing and tectonic style of the Sole Pit inversion • Index 


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