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Evolution of Metamorphic Belts - paperback

Product Code: SPC43
Series: GSL Special Publication Classics - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J S Daly, R A Cliff and B W D Yardley
Publication Date: 01 July 1994
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Paperback reprint of Special Publication 43.

"Virtually all aspects of metamorphic studies are covered. Individually, many of these papers are excellent. I would unhesitatingly recommend tograduate students studying any branch of metamorphic geology." Geological Magazine, vol. 128

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-13-6
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-13-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 566
Weight: 1.15 kg


Preface • Abbreviations • Symbol conventions for P- T diagrams • ESSENE, E. J. The current status of thermobarometry in metamorphic rocks • ARANOVICH, L. Y A. & PODLESSKII, K. K. Geothermobarometry of high-grade metapelites: simultaneously operating reactions • SPEAR, F. S. Relative thermobarometry and metamorphic P- Tpaths • VERNON, R. H. Porphyroblast-matrix microstructural relationships: recent approaches and problems • RIDLEY, J. Vertical movement in orogenic belts and the timing of metamorphism relative to deformation • JAMIESON, R. A. & BEAUMONT, C. Deformation and metamorphism in convergent orogens: a model for uplift and exhumation of metamorphic terrains • ZEITLER, P. K. The geochronology of metamorphic processes • IRWIN, J. J., KIRSCHBAUM, c., LIM, T. H., POWELL, D. & GLASSLEY, W. E. A laser­microprobe study of argon isotopes in deformed pegmatites from the Northern Highlands of Scotland • REUTER, A. & DALLMEYER, R. D. K-Ar and 4°Arj39 Ar dating of cleavage formed during very low-grade metamorphism: a review • KISCH, H. J. Discordant relationship between degree of very low-grade metamorphism and the development of slaty cleavage • DE YOREO, J. J., Lux, D. R. & GUIDOTTI, C. V. The role of crustal anatexis and magma migration in the thermal evolution of regions of thickened continental crust • CHAMBERLAIN, C. P. & RUMBLE, D. Ill. The influence of fluids on the thermal history of a metamorphic terrain: New Hampshire, USA • DAY, H. W. & CHAMBERLAIN, C. P. Implications of thermal and baric structure for controls on metamorphism, northern New England, USA • AGUlRRE, L., LEVI, B. & NYSTROM, J. O. The link between metamorphism, volcanism and geotectonic setting during the evolution of the Andes • GORDON, T. M. Thermal evolution of the Kisseynew sedimentary gneiss belt, Manitoba: metamorphism at an early Proterozoic accretionary margin • THOMPSON, P. H. An empirical model for metamorphic evolution of the Archaean Slave Province and adjacent Thelon Tectonic Zone, north-western Canadian Shield • MUKHERJEE, A. P- T -time history and thermal modelling of an anorthosite-granulite interface, Eastern Ghats metamorphic belt, India • PERCHUK, L. L. P- T -fluid regimes of metamorphism and related magmatism with specific reference to the granulite-facies Sharyzhalgay complex of Lake Baikal • ACKERMAND, D., WINDLEY, B. F. & RAZAFINIPARANY, A. The Precambrian mobile belt of southern Madagascar • CARTWRIGHT, I. & BARNICOAT, A. C. Evolution of the Scourian complex • MABOKO, M. A. H., McDoUGALL, I. & ZEITLER, P. K. Metamorphic P-Tpath of granulites in the Musgrave Ranges, central Australia • McLELLAN, E., LINDER, D. & THOMAS, J. Multiple granulite-facies events in the southern Appalachians, USA • McLELLAND, J. M. Pre-granulite-facies metamorphism in the Adirondack Mountains, New York • MENGEL, F. & RIVERS, T. Thermotectonic evolution of the Proterozoic and reworked Archaean terranes along the Nain-Churchill boundary in the Saglek area, northern Labrador • MOTOYOSHI, Y., MATSUBARA, S. & MATSUEDA, H. P- T evolution of the granulite-facies rocks of the Uitzow- Holm Bay region, East Antarctica • ROLLINSON, H. R. Garnet-orthopyroxene thermobarometry of granulites from the north marginal zone of the Limpopo belt, Zimbabwe • SCHENK, V. P- T path of the lower crust in the Hercynian fold belt of southern Calabria • VIELZEUF, D. & PIN, C. Geodynamic implications of granulitic rocks in the Hercynian belt • WARREN, R. G. & HENSEN, B.J. The P- T evolution of the Proterozoic Arunta Block, central Australia, and implications for tectonic evolution • WATERS, D. J. Metamorphic evidence for the heating and cooling path ofN amaqualand granulites • BUlCK, I. S. & HOLLAND, T. J. B. The P- T -tpath associated with crustal extension, Naxos, Cyclades, Greece • FRANCESCHELLI, M., MEMMI, I., PANNUTI, F. & RICC!, c. A. Diachronousmetamorphic equilibria in the Hercynian basement of northern Sardinia, Italy • VERMA, P. K. The Himalayan metamorphism • BARKER, A. J. & ANDERSON, M. W. The Caledonian structural-metamorphic evolution of south Troms, Norway • BURTON, K. W., BOYLE,A. P., KIRK, W. L. & MASON, R. Pressure, temperature and structural evolution of the Sulitjelma fold-nappe, central Scandinavian Caledonides • RICE, A. H. N., BEVINS, R. E., ROBINSON, D. & ROBERTS, D. Thrust-related metamorphic inversion in the Caledonides ofFinnmark, north Norway • BURG, J. P., DELOR, C. P., LEYRELOUP, A. F. & ROMNEY, F. Inverted metamorphic zonation and Variscan thrust tectonics in the Rouergue area (Massif Central, France): P- T -t record from mineral to regional scale • AUDREN, C. & TRIBOULET, C. Pressure-temperature-time-deformation paths in metamorphic rocks and tectonic processes, as exemplified by the Variscan orogeny in South Brittany, France • BREW, D. A., FORD, A. B. & HIMMELBERG, G. R. Evolution of the western partofthe Coast plutonic-metamorphic complex, south-eastern Alaska, USA: a summary • SCHUMACHER, J. c., SCHUMACHER, R. & ROBINSON, P. Acadian metamorphism in central .1assachusetts and south-western New Hampshire: evidence for contrasting P- Ttrajectories • GRAMBLING, J. A., WILLIAMS, M. L., MAWER, C. K. & SMITH, R. F. Metamorphic evolution ofProterozoic rocks in New Mexico • DROOP, G. T. R. & AL-FILALI, 1. Y. Magmatism, deformation andhigh-T, low-Pregional metamorphism in the Nabitah mobile belt, southern Arabian Shield • HIROI, Y. & KISHI, S. P- T evolution of the Abukuma metamorphic rocks in north-east Japan: metamorphic evidence for oceanic crust obduction • KOMATSU, M., OSANAI, Y., TOYOSHIMA, T. & MIYASHITA, S. Evolution of the Hidaka metamorphic belt, northern Japan • HOLTTA., P. General features of early Proterozoic metamorphism in the Pielavesi area, near the Archaean craton margin, central Finland • JONES, K. A. & BROWN, M. The metamorphic evolution of the Southern Brittany migmatite belt, France • O'BRIEN, P. J. A study ofretrogression in ecogites of the Oberpfalz Forest, north-east Bavaria, West Germany, and their significance in the tectonic evolution of the Bohemian Massif • SANDERS, 1. S. Phase relations and P- T conditions for ecogite-facies rocks at Glenelg, north-west Scotland • BANNO, S. & SAKAI, C. Geology and metamorphic evolution of the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt, Japan • TAKASU, A. P- Thistories ofperidotite and amphibolite tectonic blocks in the Sanbagawa' metamorphic belt, Japan • BARNICOAT, A. C. & FRY, N. Eoalpine high-pressure metamorphism in the Piemonte zone of the Alps; south-west Switzerland and north-west Italy • MASSONE, H.-J. & CHOPIN, C. P- Thistory of the Gran Paradiso (western Alps) metagranites based on phengite geobarometry • TREBLE, P. J. The Voltri Group, northern Italy: an Alpine ophiolite massif • WATERS, C. N. The metamorphic evolution of the Schistes lustres ophiolite, Cap Corse, Corsica • Index 


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