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Resources from past events organised by the Southern Wales Regional Group can be found below. If there is an event you would like details for, or questions about any past meeting resources that we can make available, please email us.

Summary of meetings, events and seminars 2005 – 2014

This document provides a list of evening talks, events and seminars given by a wide range of professional and academic earth scientists. Many of our talks are supported or co-hosted with other groups including CIWEM, GEG, and SWGA. Cardiff University are most helpful in allowing us to hold the lectures in the School of Earth Sciences. We hope this resource will be useful for completion of CPD records or just as a useful reminder of talks at the Southern Wales Group.

Southern Wales Group Meetings and Seminars 2005 -2014

Managing Risk: The Views of the Built Environment Professional in Wales

Date: 26 October 2012

Summary: The construction industry has been engaged in a dialogue with government over the last few years that has resulted in construction being identified as a driver for economic growth. However, this can only be achieved if everyone engaged in the process understands the issues that their fellow professionals recognise and the importance those issues have in making decisions.

This meeting aimed to start a process of developing a broader view of construction risk through an inclusive engagement of built environment professionals so that risks can be placed in context and effectively mitigated to reduce the overall economic, environmental and social cost of construction.