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QJEGH Editorial Board

Chief Scientific Editor

Ms Jane Dottridge, Mott MacDonald, UK

Assistant Scientific Editor (Engineering Geology):
Prof Cherith Moses, University of Sussex, UK

Assistant Scientific Editor (Geomaterials):
Dr Joel Smethurst, University of Southampton, UK

Assistant Scientific Editor (Hydrogeology):
Dr Steve Buss, Environmental Consulting, UK

Editorial Board Members:

Dr Sarah Beeson, Consultant, UK
Dr Stephanie Bricker, British Geological Survey, UK
Mr Stephen Coates, WS Atkins plc, UK
Dr Tom Dijkstra, Loughborough University, UK
Dr David Entwisle, British Geological Survey, UK
Dr Martin Geach, WS Atkins plc, UK
Dr Richard Ghail, Imperial College London, UK
Dr Daren Gooddy, British Geological Survey, UK
Prof James Griffiths, University of Plymouth, UK
Ms Nicola Harries, CL:AIRE, UK 
Dr Nicholas Howden, University of Bristol, UK
Dr David Hughes, Queen's University Belfast, UK
Dr Maia Ibsen, Kingston University London, UK
Dr Nick Koor, University of Portsmouth, UK
Dr Marcus Matthews, University of Surrey, UK 
Dr Trevor Muten, Tapajos Limited, UK
Dr Simon Quinn, AMEC UK Ltd, UK
Mrs Helen Scholes, Geotechnical Consulting Group, UK 
Dr Colin Serridge, Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering, UK
Dr Alister Smith, Loughborough University, UK
Dr Jamie Standing, Imperial College, UK
Dr David Taborda, Imperial College London, UK 
Dr George Tuckwell, RSK, UK
Prof Mike Winter, Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), UK

Associate Editorial Board Members:

Mr Rafi Ahmad, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
Dr Jelle Buma, Deltares, The Netherlands
Mr J. Cobbing, Consultant, USA
Prof Davide Elmo, University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr David Fenster, Bechtel Power Corporation, USA
Dr Phil Flentje, University of Wollongong, Australia
Dr Marten Geertsema, Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations, Canada
Dr Richard Guthrie, MDH Engineered Solutions, Canada
Dr Andrew Ireson, University of Saskatchewan, USA
Dr Bethanna Jackson, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Dr Jeffrey Keaton, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc, USA
Prof Su-Gon Lee, The University of Seoul, South Korea
Dr Mike Long, University College Dublin, Ireland
Dr Richard Martin, GeoconsultHK Ltd, Hong Kong
Prof Xingmin Meng, Lanzhou University, China
Dr Sophie Messerklinger, Consultant, Switzerland
Prof Bruce Misstear, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Dr Stuart Millis, Arup, Hong Kong
Dr Jeff Price, SRK, Australia
Dr Ascanio Rosi, The University of Florence, Italy
Prof Jonathan WN Smith, Shell Global Solutions, The Netherlands
Dr Kevin Styles, Fugro, Hong Kong
Dr Keith Turner, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Dr Janusz Wasowski, National Research Council, Italy
Dr Ann Williams, Beca Infrastructure Ltd, New Zealand


Helen Floyd-Walker (Production Editor)