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New Hydrocarbon Development Challenges

November's Shell London lecture, delivered by Hans Goeyenbier (Shell) at the Geological Society on 16 November 2011.

This lecture will briefly describe the current Production Geoscience processes for conventional oil and gas developments and will then go into the challenges of "difficult" hydrocarbons and other unconventional businesses such as carbon capture and storage. These new playgrounds provide totally new challenges for Production Geoscientists and require changes in all aspects of the business, ranging from basic skill sets and training to IT infra-structure and research focus. 


Hans Goeyenbier, Shell

Hans Goeyenbier graduated in Geology (Micro-Paleontology) and Geophysics (Leiden University, Netherlands). He started as exploration seismic interpreter with Shell in 1981 in places such as Thailand, Brunei (discovered several oil field extensions). He then moved to the production environment doing both geology and interpretation on giants fields such as Champion in NW Borneo. He returned to The Netherlands, appraising fault blocks around the Groningen field and working up the regional geological history of the Northeast Netherlands (presented at the AAPG in 1994). 

Goeyenbier occupied several leadership positions in Indonesia and in the UK focused on optimizing production in mature oil fields. He returned to The Netherlands to re-skill himself and subsequently took up co-ordination roles for “centralized” studies for Africa next to his role as Global Discipline Head for Production Geoscience. In this current role in Shell he is responsible for:

  • Quality of assurance of PG work done globally
  • Providing advice to sr. Management on PG aspects of investment decisions
  • Development of PG staff
  • Recruitment and Global deployment of Production Geoscientists
  • Providing input and steer into the direction of research and IT for Production Geology