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Managing Risks across the Mining and Oil and Gas Lifecycle

10 - 12 July 2017
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Workshop, Conference
Organised by:
1. Geological Society Events, 2017 Year of Risk
Imperial College London, Department of Earth Science and Engineering
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Year of Risk events

As part of the Geological Society's 'Year of Risk' we are putting on a week (8 - 14 July 2017) of risk related events, starting with 4 risk short courses (see below for further details), followed by 'Managing Risks Across the Mining and Oil & Gas Lifecycle' and culminating in 'Sharing an Uncertain World: Lessons in Managing Risk'.

Below are details about the 'Managing Risks' conference.  For further information about 'Sharing an Uncertain World', please visit the conference webpage.

Managing Risks Conference information

Join some of our key operators (including Anglo American, Rio Tinto, Shell, BP, and others) to explore our understanding of these risks and methods by which we can better manage them!

Risks, be they: technical, political, environmental, social, regulatory, security, or health & safety, are faced by both Mining and Oil & Gas. This conference will explore the state of the sector focusing on where we need to improve our management of risks across the lifecycle, and what each industry can learn from the other; include professional development and multi-disciplinary discussions geared to professional geoscientists, risk management practitioners, experts from other technical and sustainability disciplines, owners, and investors; review how resilient our sectors are really regarding the response to and recovery from failures, and how we proactively plan to ensure these failures do not repeat; and explore emerging strategic and public policy trends with regards to regulating and insuring risk.

Session themes include:

  • Scene setting and risk of investing
  • Managing our waste for the long-term
  • Subsurface risk and uncertainty
  • Geoethics and risks above and beyond
  • Planning for success: Managing risks up front
  • (Human) resourcing our future
  • Discussion and debate with our leaders

For full details about the conference and to see a provisional programme, please download the PDF conference information pack.


You can register for this conference either online or download the PDF registration form.

IRM members who wish to register online, should select the 'Other Societies' online rate.


Lead convenor - Sarah Gordon (The Geological Society/Satarla)

Lead convenor - Georgina Worrall (The Geological Society)

Co-convenor - Glen Burridge (Glen Burridge & Associates)

Co-convenor - Kirsty Simpson (The Geological Society)

Pre-conference short courses

Prior to the conference, there is an opportunity to attend one of the following courses:
  • From Exploration to Feasibility
  • The Risk Management Toolbox
  • Mitigating Bias, Blindness , and Illusion in Decision Making
  • A step by step guide to gaining competitive advantages for projects and operations

For further details, please visit the pre-conference short courses page


Imperial College London
Department of Earth Science and Engineering
Royal School of Mines
Prince Consort Road

Registration rates

£ 200.00
£ 300.00
£ 200.00
£ 200.00
£ 20.00
£ 50.00

Geolsoc Contact

Georgina Worrall

Burlington House

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