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Managing Risks across the Mining and Oil and Gas Lifecycle

10 - 12 July 2017
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Workshop, Conference
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1. Geological Society Events, 2017 Year of Risk
Imperial College London
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The industries of the extractive sector face many risks of a similar nature.  This conference brings together operators and service providers from both mining and oil & gas to explore our understanding of these risks and methods by which we can better manage them.

The decision to explore for a resource, and potentially extract it, poses a wide array of opportunities and threats.

  • Will there be anything worth extracting in the ground, and can you prove it?
  • Do you have the technical skill to extract, process or produce it both economically and responsibly?
  • Will you be able to gain and retain your licence to operate?
  • Will the need for your resource, and price it commands be sustained throughout the life of your asset?
  • What will your legacy be when you have walked away from site?

The more robustly we can answer these questions and manage their accompanying risks, the more successful our projects will be.

Key Dates

10 - 11 July

Workshops into key risks faced by both mining and oil & gas.

12 July

Tips on managing risks from our operators' CEOs, Heads of Geoscience and Chief Risk Officers.

13 - 14 July

Geological Society conference - Sharing an Uncertain World: Lessons in Managing Risk 


You can register for this workshop either online or download the PDF registration form, and return it to the Conference Office.


Sarah Gordon (The Geological Society/Satarla)

Glen Burridge (Glen Burridge & Associates) 

Georgina Worrall (The Geological Society)


Registration rates

£ 200.00
£ 300.00
£ 200.00
£ 200.00
£ 20.00
£ 50.00

Geolsoc Contact

Georgina Worrall

Burlington House

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