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Online content email alerts

Sign up to receive emails alerts for each new issue or article in the Lyell Collection. 

To receive these email alerts, please go to the Lyell Collection site and login using your username and password, then:

  • Ensure your email address is up to date, or change it by clicking ‘View/Change user information’
  • Click "Alerts" in the navigation bar, then select "eTOC alerts".
  • Click "Add eTOC alert" against the relevant journal or book series. In the next screen select your preferences and click "Save".
  • To edit or delete an alert click on Edit or Delete next to the relevant journal or book series, uncheck the box and click "Save".
These content alerts are available for the following Society journals:
  • Journal of the Geological Society
  • Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
  • Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis
  • Petroleum Geoscience

It is also possible to sign up for alerts for newly published books (Special Publications, Engineering Geology Special Publications and Memoirs), as well as Scottish Journal of Geology and Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, using the same procedure.

For full details of the content that GSL members can access in the Lyell Collection, please go to

If you are receiving email alerts to an incorrect email address please sign in on the email alerts page with the incorrect email address under ”Sign In to Email Alerts with your Email Address”. Click on "Unsubscribe all alerts" and confirm. You can then either sign in with your new email address or login with your username and password to set up email alerts for your new email address.