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The evolution of flooding and flood risk: past, present and future

14 - 15 September 2017
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1. Geological Society Events, 2017 Year of Risk, Marine Studies Group
The Geological Society (Burlington House)
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Flooding is the costliest and deadliest type of natural disaster, claiming more lives than all other natural disasters combined. Prediction and mitigation of flood risk is therefore a key goal for governments and agencies across the globe.

Flooding arises from complex, hydrological, hydro-morphological and sedimentological process interactions, whose dynamics and non-linear relations are a significant challenge - both to robust prediction of short-term events for emergency response and longer term assessments of flood risk for infrastructure planning, particularly in the context of a need for climate change adaptations.

There is thus a simultaneous need to better understand the evolution of frequency and magnitude of flood events, based on the paleo-flood record, in order to improve baseline estimates, understand the meaning of extremes, and also advance our understanding of the trajectory of flood risk evolution as riverine and coastal systems respond to climatic and land use changes.

This meeting, which aims to bring together both academic researchers and practitioners, will explore how flood risk is not a static entity but an evolving feature of these systems. It will explore how the paleo-record can be used to better constrain frequency and magnitude of events, placing them in an improved context and will also explore how incorporating morphodynamics and sediment flux predictions are helping improve the prediction of flooding and flood risk into the future.

This is particularly important for flood mitigation and adaptation as the agencies involved in management solutions are moving from hard engineering approaches towards a softer, nature-based, approach to reducing flood risk.  As such the meeting will explore how geoscience can inform such changes in approaches and thus guide future policy to mitigate flooding and flood risk.

Keynote/invited speakers include:

  • Crystal Moore (Environment Agency) - Forecasting flood risk - developments at the Flood Forecasting Centre
  • Vic Baker (Arizona) - Paleo-flood Hydrology and Future Flood Risk: Probabilities, Possibilities, and Uncertainties


You can register for the conference online or download the PDF registration form, and return it to the Conference Office.

There will be a drinks reception held at the end of the first day, which is included in the registration fee.

If you would like to stay on for the hot fork buffet, then there is an additional charge of £25 per person.


Dan Parsons, University of Hull

Lynne Frostick, Professor Emerita, University of Hull & Board Member, Environment Agency for Flood & Coastal Risk Management

Louise Slater, University of Loughborough

Chris Hackney, University of Hull

Rolf Farrell, Environment Agency

Paul Howlett, Royal Haskoning DHV


Registration rates

£ 120.00
£ 160.00
£ 120.00
£ 120.00
£ 20.00
£ 70.00

Activity rates

Optional: Hot fork buffet
£ 25.00

Geolsoc Contact

Georgina Worrall

Burlington House