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Online Training Geohazards events 2021 (26 January - 13 July 2021) plus book

26 January - 13 July 2021
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Enjoy our complete programme of CPD Geohazards Events for 2021 plus a copy of the book "Geological Hazards in the UK".

Please note registration rates are for all 14 events plus the book (inc. a fee of £5 for postage and packaging). Individual rates can be found on individual course event page.


You can register for the full course of lectures at any time. We will send you the video recordings for the courses you missed along with joining information for the remaining lectures.

1. Online Training Geohazards: Glacial Hazards Lecture with Dr. David Giles  26/01/2021
2. Periglacial hazards plus London drift filled hollows with Dr. Paul Fish  9/02/2021
3.  Online Training Geohazards: Problematic soils - swell/shrink solid with Lee Jones BGS  24/02/2021
4.  Online Training Geohazards: Problematic soils - peat with Chris Eccles  03/03/2021
5. Online Training Geohazards: Problematic soils - quick clays/collapsible soils with Ian Jefferson  10/03/2021
6.  Online Training Geohazards: Landslides with Professor Eddie Bromhead  30/03/2021
7.  Debris flows with Professor Mike Winter  7/04/2021
8.  Online Training Geohazards: Coal hazard - mining subsidence and fault reactivation with Dr. Pete Brabham  20/04/2021
9.  Carbonate hazard - mining and dissolution with Dr. Clive Edmonds  4/05/2021
10.  Online Training Geohazards: Evaporate hazard - mining and dissolution with Dr. Tony Cooper  18/05/2021
11.  Online Training Geohazards: Metalliferous mining and building stone (principally Devon and Cornwall) with Simon Ruddlesden
12.  Online Training Geohazards: Radon & Methane gas hazards with Dr. Antonio Ferreira (Radon) & Steve Wilson (Methane)  15/06/2021
13.  Online Training Geohazards: Seismic and tsunami hazards with Dr. William Murphy (seismic) and Dr. David Giles (tsunami and briefly volcanic)  29/06/2021

 14 Online Training Geohazards: Risks from Brownfield Land with Professor Paul Nathanail



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