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Geoscience and Society Summit

18 - 21 March 2019
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Organised by:
American Geophysical Union
Stockholm University and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm, Sweden
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Human existence depends upon natural resources, including clean air and water, minerals, and the natural environment.  Sustainable management of these vital resources is key to the success of future generations. At the same time, much of the strife in the world today stems from our failure to address global health and sustainability across the divides imposed by national, ethnic, and cultural differences, as well as our failure to expand resilience in society in the face of population growth and global change. At their core, these are geologic problems requiring the thoughtful application of knowledge for the benefit of society.  

Facing these challenges will require effective partnerships and a recognition of the role of geoethics in ensuring long-term cooperation. The question is: How can we, through our science, build bridges that span significant cultural and political divides to solve problems and benefit people on all sides?    

The purpose of this conference is to identify opportunities to make connections between scientists, governments, affected peoples, and funding agencies, and to propose concrete actions that will result in more effective cooperation to tackle these challenges. 

This conference will bring together researchers, students, scientists and administrators from academia, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, government agencies, and for-profit corporations, many of whom have already participated in geo-philanthropic or global development projects.  

The conference will be highly interactive and include breakout groups, panels and facilitated discussions, as well as scientific presentations on case studies of past efforts at all scales. Information on submitting abstracts for talks and posters will be available on the conference site.

Call for Innovations

Globally, our society is facing some very complex challenges, ranging from the sustainability of natural resources and systems to global health and resilience.

Join in the inaugural Geoscience and Society Summit, where scientists, governments, affected peoples, and funding agencies will break from the traditional conference model to share their insights and experiences, cultivate innovative solutions, and enhance international and intercultural collaboration.

Be a part of the exciting “Idea Expo” environment, where everyone can present a poster that highlights relevant case studies, creative solutions, or informative background information, and participate in the event’s themed workshops:

  • Energy and Minerals Sustainability 
  • Climate Change and Ocean Health and Habitat 
  • Water and Agricultural Production and Sustainability Hazards, 
  • Human Health, and Social Justice

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Information on abstract submissions, workshop sessions, and logistics is available at


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Judy Dalie - [email protected]