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Environment Network - November Networking Event

22 November 2019
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Event type:
Social Event, Lecture
Organised by:
Geological Society Events, Environment Network, Petroleum Group
The Geological Society, Burlington House
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The Environment Network of the Geological Society is pleased to announce their inaugural discussion and networking event.  The Environment Network exists to promote events centred around major current and emerging environmental issues with focus on cross-cutting themes relevant to all special interest groups. 

Communication is key to engaging stakeholders about challenges ranging from diminishing resources, the production of hazardous wastes, contaminated land, marine and atmospheric pollution, climate change, and the effects of emerging pollutants. The afternoon will explore the role that scientists need to play as communicators, and will also explore the role the Environment Network can play in facilitating communication between scientists.

Keynote address

Geoscientists as environmental communicators: arbitrators, advocates or activists?

Professor Iain Stewart, University of Plymouth

Motivated by pressing environmental concerns, geoscientists are increasingly taking their work into the public arena, with the aim of making science more transparent and open. Yet despite a rise in scientific engagement with lay publics - facilitated by specialist communication training - the effectiveness of this academic shift to ‘going public’ remains untested. Public science still seems largely impotent in shaping societal behaviour and empowering political action, with popular civic actions against climate crisis and biodiversity loss instead being impelled by non-scientific advocates.

So, what is the role and responsibility of the geoscientist in communicating environmental concerns in the public sphere? How do we shift from conveying matters of scientific fact to developing dialogues around matters of public concern?  And faced with socially and politically acute environmental threats, are the effective geo-communicators of tomorrow to be arbitrators, advocates or activists?


The day will begin with introductory remarks at 2.00pm, and conclude with a reception finishing at 7.00pm.


Registration costs £5. Please register through Eventbrite.

Geolsoc Contact

Conference Office

The Geological Society
Burlington House

Convenor Contact

Professor Bryne Tendelo Ngwenya

University of Edinburgh

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