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Earth Science Week 2017: Fossil treasures of Shropshire from a restless earth

12 October 2017
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Workshop, Social event, Lecture
Organised by:
Earth Science Week 2017
Ludlow Library and Museum Resource Centre
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The FISH project has been working for the last 18 months to survey the many thousands of geological specimens housed at the Museum Resource Centre in Ludlow, to take high quality images of 4,000 of the best and most representative specimens and 100 3D images and to bring in experts to identify rarities.  The collections tell the story of plate tectonics, underwater canyons, geothermal fluids and the evolution and extinction of fossil species in Shropshire over many hundreds of millions of years.

Come along to find out how we have gone about the process, to see the photographers in action and some of our resulting photos.

The session will take place in the education room at Ludlow Museum Resource Centre with tours in the collection store and photography studio.

Hot drinks and a biscuit will be provided between the talk and tours.
Ludlow Library and Museum Resource Centre
Date and Time:
Thursday 12th October 10am  – 1pm

Cost to attendees: Free

Convenor Contact

Daniel Lockett

FISH Project