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Sedgwick Museum: William Smith Exhibition and Family Trail

03 August - 17 September 2015
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Social event, Workshop
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Earth Science Week 2015, William Smith Bicentenary
Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge
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The exhibition shows the advances made in geological mapping over the last 200 years since the pioneering work of William Smith in the early decades of the 19th century. It does this by displaying a series of historical maps showing different aspects of progress in the geological mapping of the British Isles.

Smith’s 1815 map of the geology of Britain was the first in the world to display the distribution and succession of geological strata across a whole country. Since then huge advances have been made in the techniques of geological mapping and the interpretation of rocks which now allow the detailed reconstruction of the geological structure and history of development of the British Isles over the last 2 billion years and more.

Sedgwick Museum Trail

As well as having one of his original maps on display in the museum, we have a new Sedgwick Museum trail. Just like Smith you will need to find the clues and follow the geological evidence to create your own geological map.

Date and Time

Exhibition from 3 August. Trail all of the summer holidays




Sedgwick Museum
Downing Street


Earth Science Week - 13-19 October 2014

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