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Parent Paper: Geochronology of the pre-KBS Tuff sequence, Omo Group, Turkana Basin

Mc Dougall I. & Brown F.H.
Appearing in Journal of the Geological Society, Vol. 165, Part 2, March 2008, pp. 549-562.

Supplementary Figures

Three figures show maps of parts of the Omo-Turkana Basin drawn from Google Earth imagery with localities of dated samples plotted. In general, the locations should be accurate to within about 100 m. For the maps covering the Koobi Fora and Nachukui areas, also plotted are the locations of dated samples from the level of the KBS Tuff and above, as discussed in McDougall & Brown (2006, Journal of the Geological Society, London, 163, 205-220).

Supplementary Tables

The 40Ar/39Ar analytical data on alkali feldspars separated from pumice clasts in tuffs from the Omo-Turkana Basin are given in 23 Tables. Tables 1 to 20 include total fusion measurements on individual crystals, or small numbers of crystals in some cases, from pumice clasts in the tuffs. Each table is identified by the locality or tuff name starting from the base of the succession, and in the same order as discussed in the text. Tables 21 to 23 show the data from step heating experiments conducted on feldspars from pumices in the Topernawi, Ninikaa and Lokalalei tuffs, respectively.