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Geological Society Supplementary Publication No. SUP18267

Parent Paper: Dinosaurs of Great Britain and the role of the Geological Society of London in their discovery: basal Dinosauria and Saurischia.

Naish, D. & Martill, D. M.

Appearing in Journal of the Geological Society, Vol. 164, Part 3, May 2007, pp. 493–510.

File 1 and 2 are tables. Figure 1-5 general locality maps (JPEGs ranging in size from 500KB-2MB).

File 1: Table1: Dinosaur taxa named in the pages of GSL publications, with comments on later nomenclatural changes where appropriate. In some cases the generic name was coined in the GSL publication, and not the specific name (.rtf; 36kb).

File 2: Table2: List of presently recognized taxonomic names erected for British dinosaur (and possible dinosaur) taxa, though without misspellings. Where the genus-level classification of a species remains uncertain we have usually retained the generic name used earliest, even though that allocation is usually incorrect. Subjective junior synonyms are included as separate entries as, though often assumed to be synonymous with better known taxa, it is often not possible to establish this beyond question. Such taxa are here regarded as nomina dubia. Abbreviations: sjs = subjective junior synonym; sss = subjective senior synonym; ojs = objective junior synonym (.rtf; 233kb).

File 3 - Map 1
File 4 - Map 2
File 5 - Map 3
File 6 - Map 4
File 7 - Map 5