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Parent Paper: Thermo-chronology of the Barlet metamorphic basement unit: evidence for a Stephanian thermal event linked to Sb mineralization in the Haut Allier, France.

V. J. van Hinsberg, E. Zinngrebe, H. de Wijs & S. P. Vriend
Appearing in Journal of the Geological Society, Vol. 164, Part 2, March 2007, pp. 393-404.

Geological map and cross-section of the area around the hamlet of Barlet showing the lithologies in the Barlet unit and Langeac basin. The Barlet unit is a tectonic melange of gneiss lenses in a schist matrix and is richly mineralized with Sb and F deposits. Positions and maximum depths of the Marsanges coal mine (1) and La Dreyt fluorite mine (2) are shown in the cross-section. Sample localities are shown on the geological map.

Mineral analyses have been performed by WDS electron-microprobe analyses 232 and results are provided as a supplementary datafile.