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Parent Paper: Dynamics of the Polish and Eastern Slovakian parts of the Carpathian accretionary wedge: insights from palaeostress analyses.

Nemcok, M., Dilov, T., Wojtaszek, M., Ludhová, L., Klecker, R. A., Sercombe, W. J. & Coward, M. P.

Appearing in ‘Deformation of the Continental Crust: The Legacy of Mike Coward’. Geological Society, London, Special Publication, 272, 271-302.

Table 1: A list of stress states calculated from fault-striae populations at locations from Fig. 1. Stress determination methods and the respective ratio of stress magnitudes: Sperner-Sperner et al. (1993), ratio not available; H & H – Hardcastle & Hills (1991), R = (?1-?2)/(?1-?3); N & L – Nemcok & Lisle (1995), R = (?2- ?3)/( ?1- ?3); N, K & L – Nemcok et al. (1999a), R = (?2-?3)/( ?1-?3).