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Malcolm Macdonald Shouls, 1934-2004

In 1959, at the age of 25, Malcolm Shouls earned a PhD at Nottingham, in the structural geology and lithochemistry of a remote part of Norway. This was followed by a career in geochemistry and hydrochemistry spanning 45 years, as a team member or leader and (from 1983) as a consultant. Assignments took him to nine states - in Africa (Botswana, Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania), in the Far East (Thailand, Laos, Pakistan), in Oman and UK. His input, usually on a regional scale, was performed meticulously, accompanied by original and thoughtful observations.

He was carried along by a lovely and generous sense of humour and fun that, combined with his flair for oriental cooking, made him an ideal colleague and companion.
He was strongly supported by his Danish-born wife Kirsten, and by their sons, Alan and Erie and daughters, Jennie and Susanna. They accompanied him on his travels when possible, and enjoyed with him a happy and loving relationship.

For several years Malcolm fought and contained a cancer, so effectively that we thought he would he with us for longer, but sadly he died in May of this year. The many friends who attended his funeral in Winscombe were testimony to the affection with which he was held. We all miss him.

Robin Hazell